Radiant Vitality

Weight Inclusive Fitness – Intuitive Eating – Body Image Coaching 

Are you Confused?

Are you confused and overwhelmed by ALL the conflicting diet and fitness information you see?


Sick of struggling with motivation, willpower, self-confidence and body image?


Tired of starting and stopping, yo-yo dieting, feeling like a failure and hating your body?  

Radiant Vitality is a one stop wellness studio,
whose mission is to equip you with practical and sustainable tools to heal your relationship with
exercise, food and your body.

How long will you keep depriving the world of all you have to offer?​

Find freedom around your relationship with exercise, food and your body.

Equip yourself with knowledge and tools to nurture your whole self and empower your wellness.

What the heck is Joyful Movement?

Check out my podcast The Joyful Movement Show to find out! I’m your host Kim Hagle – mom of 4, personal trainer, holistic nutritionist and recovering dieter.

Tune in for your weekly dose of non-diet, Health at Every Size (HAES) informed inspiration. I’ll give you practical tips to help you connect to the motivation within through intuitive movement, body acceptance and mindset shifts.

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Offering personal training, group fitness classes, intuitive eating education and body image coaching, Radiant Vitality emphasizes the power of kindness and self compassion to fuel your transformation with safe and sustainable changes.

And a whole lot of fun, encouragement and support along the way.

Let's Work Together!

I’m on a mission to empower women to ditch diet culture so they can
experience joyful movement, peace with food and embrace the body they have today. 

What People Say About Working with Kim...

I am so thankful for Kim’s knowledge and support through my journey to a healthier version of me. Not only did she teach me about how to best fuel my body, and guided me to completing my first 5km, she taught me about self-compassion and loving my way there. I cannot thank her enough.”
Maryanne Hayter
I have had the pleasure of Kim's guidance for 5 years. She has provided me with healthy food choices (that are delicious!) and to embrace my self image as well as encouraging me toward my personal goals. She has motivated me to be my best self and I look forward to continuing on this path with her. I would highly recommend Kim to anyone looking to be more mindful in a positive way.
Susan Curran
I thoroughly enjoyed my workout time with Kim a few years ago. She is extremely knowledgeable and took the time discussing with me, what I was looking for in my workouts. I had done the group workout settings but I didn’t get the one on one time that I was looking for. The workout room that Kim has is filled with all kinds of equipment and is very intimate. Kim is the only one that kept encouraging me to continue when I truly wanted to give up and because of that, as silly as it sounds, I was able to complete a proper push-up 😀😀😀. I am recovering from recent total knee replacement surgery and am excited to hear that Kim is returning to her one on one training, as I am looking for strength training when I am able to return to workouts. I highly recommend Kim as she is kind, considerate, passionate and one hell of an instructor. She makes you look deep within yourself to find the desire to keep pushing!”
Liz Petrie
I chose to work with Kim for personal training for several reasons. While I was used to doing some weight training for my job, I didn’t really know how to work the whole body. Other skills we worked on were balance, upper body strength to eventually work towards push-ups. I did progress to planks eventually and I could see the progress I was making. Also because of Kim’s experience, knowledge and training, I was comfortable letting her know my restrictions because of a workplace injury. If I was not able to do one exercise, she quickly showed me other options to work the same muscles that would work for me. Since I have chronic pain, the consistent exercise helped reduce my pain levels.. For me that was one of the greatest benefits of working with Kim. While I could have gone {somewhere else}, I know that I needed a personalized workout, as well as the personal attention and correction in my form while doing certain moves and exercises. I would highly recommend Kim for her knowledge as a trainer and nutritional advisor as well.
Cathy Nethery
I started training with Kim after my first child. I was so incredibly weak to begin! Kim trained me through my second pregnancy and I was able to workout right up to my last month. Kim knew just what my body could handle. Delivery was easier but most noticeably was how I felt strong and healthy after. I was able to work out safely under Kim’s guidance. Bounced back quicker. She helped me work back up to my running and weight lifting goals. Kim is compassionate, intuitive and knows her stuff! But the best part is when you ask her “How come everyone is sweating but me? Am I not working hard enough?”.....She isn’t afraid to tell you “No! Now work harder”. She just has that gentle way of making us want to reach our goals as much as she truly wants health, well being and strength for us!
Kristy Driver

How It Works

1. Challenge your Mindset

Subscribe to the Joyful Movement Show for your weekly dose of non-diet inspiration.  See how a body-neutral approach can set you free.

2. Empower Yourself 
Find the right programs to support your goals and learn tools and skills to achieve freedom, confidence and sustainable health. 

3. Step into Radiant Vitality

Live the life of your dreams and feel confident in a body that you love. Stop hiding and step into your best future.

Find freedom and confidence.
Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools you have been looking for.

Stop depriving the world of all you have to offer. You aren’t being your true self if you are stuck in shame, restricting and punishing, or hating your body.

Step into your radiant vitality, reconnect to your body and empower your wellness!

Discover joyful movement and body freedom.