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Radiant Vitality

Empowered Movement – Conscious Eating Education – Non-Diet Coaching 

Are you Confused?

Are you confused and overwhelmed by ALL the conflicting diet and fitness information you see?


Sick of struggling with body image, will power and motivation?


Tired of hating your body, staying small and limiting your confidence and potential?

Radiant Vitality is a one stop wellness studio,
whose mission is to equip you with practical and sustainable tools to heal your relationship with
exercise, food and your body.

How long will you keep depriving the world of all you have to offer?​

Find freedom around your relationship with food, exercise and your body. Equip yourself with knowledge and tools to nurture your whole self and empower your wellness.

Offering personal training, group fitness classes, conscious eating education and non-diet coaching, Radiant Vitality emphasizes the power of kindness and self compassion to fuel your transformation with safe and sustainable changes.
And a whole lot of fun, encouragement and support along the way.

Hi there!

I'm Kim,

I care about your health, wellness and vitality.

Everyday, I see untapped potential in my clients and how amazing they truly are. I want to help you see it too.

I know how hard it can be to struggle with body image and unhealthy relationships with food and exercise. I did it for years.

I’ve been everything from a size 2 to a size 14. I tried every diet, workout program and regime and did them for all of the wrong reasons. Along the way, I learned that it doesn’t matter what size your body is, the beliefs that you hold remain the same until you take the time to explore, examine and transform those beliefs so you can experience joy and freedom in your body.

When I was at my lowest weight, I realized I wasn’t any happier.

I was eating the right food and exercising but hating myself even more in my small body. I felt deprived, isolated, lonely, and honestly - I still didn’t even like my body. That’s when I realized that happiness doesn’t just happen when you reach your “ideal” weight. It happens when you decide to think happier thoughts and love and accept yourself.

So I embarked on my own journey of transformation and explored the connection between my emotions and thoughts. I became aware of my internal dialogue and the negative thoughts I had about myself and my body and I made the decision to change those thoughts and be kinder to myself. I started to talk to myself the way I talk to my kids or my friends. Internally I began using a kinder voice, saying nice, encouraging, and loving things to myself. As a result, I started to heal my relationship with myself.

I began to eat what I want and have more fun with exercise.

I started exercising just to feel good, not to burn off calories I’d eaten. My body changed to a larger size and I accepted that this new body I was in was created out of loving choices, so it was worthy of my acceptance. I realized how I wanted to feel and being restrictive and obsessively over-exercising wasn’t the answer.

Now I eat what I want and exercise when I want and I’m a medium sized body. I truly enjoy and love healthy food and make great choices most of the time, but I also enjoy having a few drinks, pizza or cookies once in a while and I can’t imagine a life where I can never eat those things again.

I chose to have more joy and freedom in my life and I let go of emotional eating, unhealthy obsession and negative thought patterns. Along my journey, I found food freedom and I don’t want to see anyone else spin their wheels in diet after diet. It’s just mean and I don’t want people to be mean to themselves. I’m here to support your journey to radiant vitality through safe and sustainable fitness, wellness education and health coaching.

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Empowered Movement

Find your groove in this welcoming, supportive and non-intimidating environment. Gain confidence and joy for movement by exercising YOUR way.

Visit our Programs page, or see below for a list of current classes

Group Fitness Classes - Virtual and In-Studio Options

Sign up for the best class for you! Perfect for those who have some exercise experience and like working out with a group. We offer in-studio classes or a virtual studio (zoom) membership.  Check out our programs page for a list of classes!

Personal Training - In Person or Over Zoom

Movement that is designed with YOU in mind. No two people are created equal – your fitness program should be as unique as you are.
I will get to know you deeply to understand what type of movement you are looking for to reach your goals. Whether that’s to start moving for the first time, or to take an established habit to a new level.
My mission is to help women ENJOY movement, and EMBRACE the body they are in.

Small Group Training - In Person or Over Zoom

Personal training but with your friends! Available for groups of 2-4, with similar abilities.

Conscious Eating Education​

Nutrition classes, cooking workshops and coaching programs designed to equip you with tools and knowledge to make informed choices.

Real Meals for Real Life

In this six week self-directed e-course, learn the “Raw to Voila” formula to creating delicious, nutritious meals at home without needing a recipe. Discover how to build a balanced plate to ensure you are getting the right amount of nutrients for optimal health, without counting calories or weighing food. Set yourself up for success with practical tips and solutions to feeding yourself and your family healthy nourishing meals made with love. 

Right Body For Me:
Body Acceptance Program

Coming in 2021 

A 16 week transformative one-on-one coaching program that sets you free from diet culture by giving you a step by step process to heal your relationship to exercise, food and your body.

By addressing the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck, you’ll be able to create goals that work FOR you so you’ll be free from the start/stop cycle once and for all!

With a new mindset, you’ll discover tools of intuitive eating and movement, allowing you to end the struggle with motivation, willpower and consistency.

Seasonal Cooking Workshops

Learn healthy and sustainable recipes, meal planning and whole food nutrition.

Hands on, interactive classes where we learn how to make healthy and delicious foods. Participants go home with all the food they make.
See calendar for more information about upcoming workshops or reach out to book a private workshop in your own home. 

These in-person workshops will resume once pandemic restrictions are lifted. In the meantime, tune in for What’s for Dinner Wednesday, weekly at 5pm in my Facebook Group.

How It Works

1. Book a Free Consultation
Kim would love to support your wellness journey and learn more about your specific goals and objectives.
2. Empower Yourself 
Find the right programs to support your goals and learn tools and skills to achieve freedom, confidence and sustainable health. 
3. Radiant Vitality
Live the life of your dreams and feel confident in a body that you love. Stop hiding and step into your best future.

Find freedom and confidence. Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools you have been looking for.

Stop depriving the world of all you have to offer. You aren’t being your true self if you are stuck in shame, self-deprivation, or hating your body.

Step into your radiant vitality, reconnect to your body and empower your wellness!

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What People Say About Me...

I am so thankful for Kim’s knowledge and support through my journey to a healthier version of me. Not only did she teach me about how to best fuel my body, and guided me to completing my first 5km, she taught me about self-compassion and loving my way there. I cannot thank her enough.”
Maryanne Hayter
I have had the pleasure of Kim's guidance for 5 years. She has provided me with healthy food choices (that are delicious!) and to embrace my self image as well as encouraging me toward my personal goals. She has motivated me to be my best self and I look forward to continuing on this path with her. I would highly recommend Kim to anyone looking to be more mindful in a positive way.
Susan Curran
I thoroughly enjoyed my workout time with Kim a few years ago. She is extremely knowledgeable and took the time discussing with me, what I was looking for in my workouts. I had done the group workout settings but I didn’t get the one on one time that I was looking for. The workout room that Kim has is filled with all kinds of equipment and is very intimate. Kim is the only one that kept encouraging me to continue when I truly wanted to give up and because of that, as silly as it sounds, I was able to complete a proper push-up 😀😀😀. I am recovering from recent total knee replacement surgery and am excited to hear that Kim is returning to her one on one training, as I am looking for strength training when I am able to return to workouts. I highly recommend Kim as she is kind, considerate, passionate and one hell of an instructor. She makes you look deep within yourself to find the desire to keep pushing!”
Liz Petrie
I chose to work with Kim for personal training for several reasons. While I was used to doing some weight training for my job, I didn’t really know how to work the whole body. Other skills we worked on were balance, upper body strength to eventually work towards push-ups. I did progress to planks eventually and I could see the progress I was making. Also because of Kim’s experience, knowledge and training, I was comfortable letting her know my restrictions because of a workplace injury. If I was not able to do one exercise, she quickly showed me other options to work the same muscles that would work for me. Since I have chronic pain, the consistent exercise helped reduce my pain levels.. For me that was one of the greatest benefits of working with Kim. While I could have gone {somewhere else}, I know that I needed a personalized workout, as well as the personal attention and correction in my form while doing certain moves and exercises. I would highly recommend Kim for her knowledge as a trainer and nutritional advisor as well.
Cathy Nethery
I started training with Kim after my first child. I was so incredibly weak to begin! Kim trained me through my second pregnancy and I was able to workout right up to my last month. Kim knew just what my body could handle. Delivery was easier but most noticeably was how I felt strong and healthy after. I was able to work out safely under Kim’s guidance. Bounced back quicker. She helped me work back up to my running and weight lifting goals. Kim is compassionate, intuitive and knows her stuff! But the best part is when you ask her “How come everyone is sweating but me? Am I not working hard enough?”.....She isn’t afraid to tell you “No! Now work harder”. She just has that gentle way of making us want to reach our goals as much as she truly wants health, well being and strength for us!
Kristy Driver


I’m happy to answer any questions you have.  Simply click the Contact button below to ask me any question you have.   

Your first group fitness class is free, so that’s a great way to try it out and see if you like it.  But more importantly, I encourage you to book a free consultation before we begin so that I can get to know you and really understand your goals.  Then I’ll be able to direct you to the best program for you. We will also go over any injuries or limitations you have and I will show you modifications to movements that will allow you to get a great workout, pain free.

Sure!  Just let me know so that I can ensure there is space in the class.  Their first group fitness class is free, and then after that, they can pay the drop in rate or buy a class package.

I encourage you to take my Ease Into Exercise program.  It’s a 4 week program (twice a week) designed for people just like you who are brand new to the group fitness scene.  You’ll get personal training attention at a group fitness price tag. Contact me to see when the next session starts.

Radiant Vitality is a body positive space – we love you no matter how much space you take up on the planet.  We teach and support a lifestyle of self compassion that encourages each body to find its own ideal weight. For some that might mean releasing some mass; but its really about learning to love the body you are in.  You’ll never be weighed or measured in our studio. No one is going to check your food diary. And no one is ever going to comment on your size. That’s just how we are. We give you the tools to treat your body right and we don’t give two hoots about what you weigh. 

If you are buying a monthly class membership, we process those at the start of each month (prorated if you start your first month part way through).  If you are doing drop in classes, you can pay cash at each class, or you’ll be invoiced after. Once you have bought your pass, you can register for the classes you wish to attend by contacting Kim.  It is important to pre-register for classes so we can prepare and ensure we do not exceed our 7 person capacity.

1. If you have paid for a monthly class membership, missed classes are forfeited.  No refunds are given.  If you plan to be away from several classes, you can choose to pay “by the class” instead of monthly for that particular month.

2. Personal training appointments can be rescheduled 24 hours or more in advance.  No shows, or less than 24 hours notice will result in being charged for one full session. There are NO REFUNDS on packages for any reason (ie 10 session pack of PT, 8 class pack or monthly unlimited class membership).  

2. If the INSTRUCTOR cancels a class or PT session for illness, weather or other emergency; you will be credited a session to be used in the next 30 days.  During vacation closures, monthly pricing will be adjusted based on the number of weeks the studio remains open.

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