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Meet Kim Hagle – Body Acceptance Coach, Weight Neutral Fitness Trainer and Non-Diet Nutritionist

Create a relationship with your body based on trust, kindness and respect

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Our relationship with our body is the most important relationship we will ever have.

The truth is we only get one body. And it’s been with us through everything we’ve experienced in life – every trip, every hug, smile, tear and beautiful memory.

Our bodies keep showing up for us, even when we try to control them by…

  • Working out too hard, punishing ourselves with exercise or not moving our bodies at all
  • Obsessing over every macro and calorie on our plate or overeating till we feel sick
  • Speak terribly to ourselves, calling our bodies horrible names, insulting and criticizing ourselves
  • Blaming our bodies for holding us back from our dreams, believing that if only we could “fix” our bodies, then everything else in our lives would magically click into place.

If any of this feels all too familiar, I want you to know you are not alone and you are in the right place.

Here at Radiant Vitality, we know that all the ways we try to control and “fix” our body are simply creating more dissatisfaction inside of ourselves. This approach doesn’t create the results we so desperately desire – to feel healthy, happy and confident and  trusting of our decisions around our health.

We do things differently around here, we approach fitness, health and body image from the inside out, beginning with our feelings and beliefs.  

Self-acceptance is an inside job.


Your body is not a problem.

Around here we believe that all bodies are good bodies, and that everyone is worthy of feeling their very best in body, mind and spirit.

Our coaching and fitness programs are designed to help you feel strong, confident and healthy at any size, without chasing a number on the scale.


End the Fight.

Together, we can learn how to not only stop controlling and fighting our bodies, but how to cultivate a healthy, kind and respectful relationship. 

Through body acceptance coaching, joyful movement,and intuitive eating, it’s possible to feel your best IN and ABOUT your body.


Befriend Your Body.

By tuning into the wisdom of our body, and trusting ourselves to be our own health authority, we can stop relying on rules, programs and plans.  

The desire to eat well and motivation to move comes from within – knowing that we’re worthy of a high level of self care.


Step Confidently Into Your Best Life.

From a place of body acceptance, we become unstoppable.  Perfectionism and people pleasing no longer have a grip on us when we know that we’re enough, exactly as we are. 

We can achieve our dreams, right now, in this body!

I’ll meet you where you’re at.

No matter where you are on your journey with your body, I’m here to help.

My superpower as a coach is my ability to customize my approach to your unique needs, so that you get the transformation and results you desire (whether that’s in the gym or through coaching).

1:1 Body Acceptance Coaching

Together, we work to discover how your beliefs about food, exercise and weight are keeping you stuck and disconnected from your body.

By building trust in yourself, unpacking limiting beliefs and tuning into the wisdom of your body, together we’ll repair your relationship with food, exercise and body image.

Personal Training

Size-Inclusive, weight-neutral fitness training for women who want to learn how to move their body effectively to achieve their unique fitness goals, while honouring their limitations and preferences.

Offered in person at our private studio in Goderich, Ontario; or virtually anywhere in the world.

Right Body for Me

A group coaching program for women who want to develop a kinder relationship with their body so they can consistently fuel and move it in a way that supports their health without restricting food, doing tortuous exercise or constantly worrying about the number on the scale.

Not sure which offer is right for you?

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Hey gorgeous! I’m Kim.

Body Acceptance Coach, Size-Inclusive Fitness Specialist and Non-Diet Nutritionist

I know how difficult life is when you are fighting with your body.

Through my own journey of body acceptance, I’ve learned that health, happiness and confidence aren’t the product of achieving a certain dress size.  Instead, it’s all about how we talk to ourselves and the relationship we cultivate with our body – it’s an inside job.

With over a decade of experience in the fitness industry, I’ve seen how the “lose this, sculpt that” messaging leaves women feeling inadequate about their bodies, struggling with motivation and willpower and ultimately further away from the life of freedom they desire.

It’s now my mission to empower women to break free from tortuous exercise, restrictive eating and body shame, so they can free up their time, energy and resources to pursue their life’s purpose.

Through 1:1 Body Acceptance Coaching, personal training and size inclusive fitness classes, I help women create a respectful relationship with their body and discover that their body can actually become one of their greatest allies.

If any of this would be helpful to you, let’s jump on a call and explore how I can support you on your journey.

“Before working with Kim, I was stuck around exercise.  I couldn’t get myself motivated to workout. Exercise felt like something I should do whether I liked it or not.

While working with Kim, I learned new ways of thinking about exercise. 

I worked through the issues that were behind my lack of motivation and my unhelpful beliefs about exercise.

After working with Kim, I understand that exercise doesn’t have to be the negative chore it used to feel like. It’s about enjoying what I do.  I can recognize the negative thoughts that used to stop me from moving my body and work through them myself. I move my body however and whenever it feels good.”

– Kathy Porter

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