I see you....

Every day, I see women just like you struggling to get motivated, starting new programs, punishing themselves in the gym, restricting food.
I see you desperately trying all the things, because you're hoping that when you finally lose the weight, you’ll finally feel good about yourself. You’ll feel worthy and confident to go after what you really want in life.
I see you feeling like a failure when you give up on your goals.

I get you...

I get you because this was my story too.
I spent the first 40 years of my life trying to change my body. I’ve tried all the diets, all the shakes, all the workouts - and my body has been lots of different sizes along the way.
I know what it is to struggle with poor body image, to feel like your life would be better if you could just get control over your weight. I get the feeling of desperation and failure.
I also know that happiness and confidence isn’t a dress size. It’s a mindset - the results you’re experiencing are a result of your thoughts and feelings.

I care...

It breaks my heart to see women limiting themselves, stuck in shame and self-deprivation because they’ve got their worth tied up in their body’s appearance.
I see the potential and inner beauty in the women I work with and the gifts that they are depriving the world because of their obsession over their looks.
I believe that every human is worthy and can be healthy regardless of their size. I believe that movement is a fundamental human need and should be fun. Food should be enjoyed and used to nourish the body and soul.

I want to help

Movement doesn't have to be tortuous. Thinking that it does is KILLING your motivation. I KNOW what it takes to cultivate motivation that lasts, and it's not as hard as you might think. I created "The Motivation Secret" to help you figure out why you're stuck, and to give you tools you can implement today to start cultivating that desire within to get up and move.

Radiant Vitality's Core Values

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I'm here for you...

My own personal journey with body acceptance is how Radiant Vitality was born.
Through my own journey with food restriction, extreme exercise and chasing health in the form of thinness - I realized that I was not happier OR healthier when my body was smaller.

I have been a Personal Trainer since 2012 and a Registered Holistic Nutritionist since 2014, but my philosophies about food and nutrition changed as a result of major life changes that forced me to re-prioritize what mattered in life.

Health now is not a number on the scale. It’s just about nourishing my body with movement that feels good, food that nourishes my body and soul and feeling the best I possibly can.

As a result of my new relationship with exercise, food and body image, I embarked on a six month mentorship program for non-diet professionals so that I could help my clients experience the same freedom and peace that I had found.

I am on a mission to help women heal their relationship with exercise, food and body image so that they can feel confident in their own skin and step into the life they dream of.
Through non-diet fitness training, mindset coaching and intuitive eating education, I empower women through a Health at Every Size approach to find a lifestyle that works for them.
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What the heck is Joyful Movement?

Check out my podcast The Joyful Movement Show to find out! I’m your host Kim Hagle – mom of 4, personal trainer, holistic nutritionist and recovering dieter.

Tune in for your weekly dose of non-diet, Health at Every Size (HAES) informed inspiration. I’ll give you practical tips to help you connect to the motivation within through intuitive movement, body acceptance and mindset shifts.

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The Joyful Movement Manifesto

The 10 principles you can implement today
to start having a more peaceful relationship with exercise.

Reject Diet Mentality

Disconnect exercise from weight loss.  Exercise to feel good, not to burn calories or earn food. 

Embrace Embodiment

We are more than a physical body.  Honour your spiritual, emotional and mental bodies’ needs when choosing exercise. 

Say NO to Punishment

Forget “no pain no gain”.  Exercise should never hurt.  Say NO to punitive, tortuous exercise programs.

Challenge the Gym Police

 The Gym Police are thoughts in your head reinforcing all the rules diet culture has created about how to exercise.  Scream a loud “no” to thoughts that you’re not doing it right if you don’t workout for a full hour with heavy weights, cardio, HIIT training, etc, etc. 

Respect your Limitations

Tune in to your body’s signals (pain, energy level, mood, menses).  Respect your body’s cues by modifying as needed.

Stop Relying on External Validation

Listen to your body rather than trackers, apps or  the scale to tell you that you got it “right”.  Practice attunement. 

Honour your Need for Rest

It’s part of the program.  Don’t wait for an injury or burn out to justify a rest day.  

Find Your People

Community matters.  Feeling a part of a community is one of the biggest motivating forces.  Find people who support your goals and build you up.  A little healthy competition is ok, as long as it’s friendly. 

Do What Moves You

There’s no right and wrong way to move – Do what brings you joy!  Try new activities that light you up and make you feel strong, successful, connected, alive.

Challenge yourself on your terms.

It’s ok to work hard and push yourself if you’re having fun and your body is ready.  Try new things, round out your fitness repertoire with a variety of activities, but do it because it’s fun not because you think you “should”.

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I’m on a mission to empower women to ditch diet culture so they can
experience joyful movement, peace with food and embrace the body they have today. 

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