Black Bean Burritos and Fresh Sweet Corn

Black Bean Burritos and Fresh Sweet Corn

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Simple but delicious

Last night we were short on time, but still wanted a healthy and delicious meal. So I whipped up one of my “go to” meals.

Do you have go to meals?  Something you can whip up in 15 minutes or less using ingredients you always have on hand.  I recommend everyone have at least 3.  It will save your butt when life gets busy and things don’t go as planned.  Rather than hit the drive through, I can just throw this together and know I am still feeding my family well.  Plus it’s quicker and cheaper than fast food!

I tend to default to mexican inspired dishes a lot for my go-to meals.  I love the flavours, and it’s really easy to eat the rainbow and create a balanced plate.  Lots of veggies, beans for protein, rice or a wrap and some guacamole or cheese and you’re all set!

We paired last night’s black bean burrito with some fresh corn on the cob, which was AMAZING!  I prepared it in my multipurpose steamer which took a total of 5 minutes – easy peasy!

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