It’s time to Rebuild a Respectful Relationship with our Body

1:1 Coaching

A 6-month coaching experience  for women who want to feel at peace with their body.

With Kim Hagle––Body Image Coach, Size-Inclusive Personal Trainer and  Non-Diet Nutritionist

Finally Experience
Food Freedom

Create Consistency
with Movement

Discover Unshakable
Confidence in Your Body

“I had a lot of anxiety about exercise and I always felt misunderstood. When I shared this with you, you got it – I’ve never seen that in a trainer. You’ve moved me to move without even talking about exercise. – Zara B. (Listen to Zara’s story on the podcast!)

Fresh Outta Willpower?

By this point you’ve probably tried everything.  

From 12 week challenges, to gym memberships and bootcamps, to diets, weight loss programs, fasting, cleansing and more food rules than you can keep track of, you’ve done it all. 

And yet, after years of trying every new fad,  the start-stop cycle has left you empty with no willpower or motivation and nothing but guilt, shame, and regained weight  to show for all your hard work.

But the truth is the more we try to fix and control our body, the more dissatisfied and disconnected we feel.

And if we’re being real, has changing your body ever truly helped you feel more accepting of yourself?  

Probably not – you can’t create a positive relationship with your body by fighting with it.

Your relationship with your body is the most important and longest lasting relationship you’ll ever have.

Think about it: your body has been with you through every moment and memory you’ve had and ever will have. Every trip, every life change, every celebration, every tear, every hug.

And she works hard for you each and every day.

Even when you:

Criticize her

Put her through grueling workouts

Or avoid movement all together

Override or Ignore your hunger

Deprive yourself of your favourite foods

Or overeat to the point that you feel sick

Dress her in uncomfortable clothes or hide behind baggy clothing

—-your body keeps showing up, giving you her very best. 

It’s time to stop fighting against our bodies.

Imagine what becomes possible when we stop fighting with our body and instead create a respectful relationship with it. 

  • Feeling inspired to move your body, enjoying it and all the good feelings it brings.
  • Being able to eat the food you enjoy and truly savouring it with no guilt.
  • Getting a last minute invite and saying YES – without worrying about what you’ll wear or primping and fussing for an hour
  • Going on trips, hikes or adventures, knowing that your body is capable 
  • Feeling confident to go after that dream job or go on that first date
  • ….or maybe finally quit your job or end that relationship that’s not going anywhere
  • Having the guts to try new things, set boundaries and speak up for yourself
  • Feeling confident to go after the life of your dreams knowing your body is there to support you every step of the way

 All this and more becomes possible when we heal our relationship with our body.

Our body can actually become our greatest ally, helping us achieve our dreams and step into the life we desire.

“Finally, some freedom! Freedom from dieting. Freedom from feeling like I ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ be doing something.

Working with Kim has brought me clarity around my beliefs about my body. I’ve been on and off diets for my entire adult life.  I’ve forced myself to do physical activity I hated because I thought I should or I was told to.

I’m only part way through Kim’s coaching program and I can already feel the freedom of not being on a diet or having food restrictions, choosing movement I enjoy. The aha moments I’m experiencing along the way are incredible!”

– Stacey A, Goderich ON (Listen to Stacey’s story on the podcast!)

“Years of dieting and unhealthy relationships with food and exercise has left me feeling trapped with low body image. I decided that I wanted to change, not only for myself but for my children.

I want to model a healthy relationship to food, exercise and my body. 

Working with Kim has helped me immensely. The program is set up to first work on the thoughts that fuel the unhealthy core beliefs. This was pivotal for me as it’s nothing I have ever learned or tried in the past through programs or counseling.

Creating new thoughts allows you to better work through challenges around unhealthy relationships with food, body image and exercise. Kim was there every step of the way.” – Robyn M, Bayfield ON (Listen to Robyn’s story on the podcast!)

Hey gorgeous! I’m Kim.

Body Image Coach, Size-Inclusive Fitness Specialist and Non-Diet Nutritionist

I know how hard it is to be at war with your body.  I was initially drawn to the fitness industry with the hope that if I could just “get my body under control,” that I’d finally accept myself and have the confidence to do the things I dreamed about.

I’ve tried every diet, workout, shake and cleanse out there…. and eventually it took over my life.  The more I tried to “fix” my body, the further I got from the life I wanted. 

I’ve learned that I’m not alone in my journey.  Everyday I see women struggling with motivation and employing willpower to stick to their healthy habits but only getting further and further away from the life they desire.

We all want to feel and function our best, but the messaging we hear from the wellness industry is that the way to health, happiness, confidence, success – basically all the good things in life- is through attaining and maintaining a certain size or weight.

And that pisses me off!  Because the more women are fixated on their bodies, the less they’re able to change the world. 

I’m on a mission to help women become their body’s ally because a woman in relationship with the wisdom of her body is powerful and unstoppable!  And this world needs more of that!!

You can read more about my story and credentials here.

1:1 Body Acceptance Coaching

1:1 coaching is a 6 month process where we explore how to re-build your relationship with your body and connect to all the wisdom she possesses. This is how we create the life of our dreams.

Together, we use a simple 3 step process to take you from dissatisfied and disconnected to healthy, happy and confident.


Step 1: Asking the Deeper Questions

We’ll work together to get to the root of why you’re stuck.  We’ll explore the limiting beliefs, societal programming and emotional baggage that’s keeping you from getting the results you want.


Step 2: Attunement and Authorization

In this phase, you’ll tap into your body’s wisdom to not only see yourself as more than just a physical form, but also to trust its signals for making choices. You will ultimately become your own authority on understanding and listening to your body.


Step 3: Action

You’ll reconnect to who you ARE – your passions, desires and purpose and you’ll know that you’re worthy of pursuing them.  You and your body will partner to take aligned action toward the life you envision.

We do this through:


Mindset Coaching:

Using tools from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


Emotional Processing:

Using breathwork, nervous system regulation and somatic processes


Embodied Movement:

Tuning into your movement cravings and responding with intuitive movement

I’ll meet you where you’re at.

My greatest gift as a coach is my ability to meet you exactly where you are and customize my approach to suit your unique needs.

1:1 coaching is high touch and highly individualized.  There’s a lot that we can cover in our time together. Every person and every body are different and each person’s path to healing their relationship with their body is distinct.

No matter where you’re starting or where you want to go, I can help. I believe in your ability to achieve your goals, even if you don’t just yet.

Below are some of the most common areas that we can unpack.

Relationship with Food

  • Process emotions without using food
  • Trust yourself around all foods, end bingeing and overeating
  • Eating well  without rules or restriction
  • Breaking free from dieting
  • Learn how to eat intuitively 
  • Honouring hunger, fullness and satisfaction

Relationship with Body Image

  • Lack of confidence because of appearance
  • Dissatisfaction with your body, obsessive thoughts about size/weight
  • Fear of weight gain or difficulty accepting weight gain
  • Fear of illness and health  problems because of body size
  • The scale determines your worth, mood or eating/exercise choices

Relationship with Movement

  • Finding movement that feels good in  your body 
  • Discovering your “why” for exercise, beyond body shaping
  • Repair traumatic history with exercise
  • Learn how to move as self care instead of as punishment
  • Get to the root of your resistance to exercise or lack of motivation 
  • Break free from painful and dreadful exercise
  • Learn how to move intuitively

Your Big Life Vision

  • Connecting with the wisdom of your body
  • Reconnecting with your passions – knowing your dreams and desires matter
  • Learning how to speak up for yourself 
  • Rediscover who you are besides your body
  • Stop worrying what people think or what if’s.  
  • Trust in your ability to figure things out
  • Have your own back – trust in your ability to be there for yourself even if you mess up
  • Feel confident meeting your needs
  • Trust that who you are is enough

Together we will explore how you can rebuild your relationship with your body. 

We’d be a great fit to work together if you struggle with:

  • knowing how to eat well without rules or a plan and want to trust yourself to make good choices
  • feeling out of control around food but want to be able to eat all foods without fear
  • people pleasing and perfectionism and want to feel confident to set boundaries
  • fearing weight gain or health problems but know that dieting and restricting doesn’t work
  • negative body image and don’t want to pass this on to your kids
  • a traumatic or punitive relationship with exercise and want to learn how to move in a way that respects your body
  • not feeling motivated to move your body and want to create a consistent, enjoyable movement practice
  • resistance or dislike for traditional exercise but know that moving more will make you feel better

However, coaching with me is probably not your jam if:

  • You enjoy counting calories and using exercise to earn or burn food
  • You’re not willing to do inner work
  • You’re looking for someone to tell you exactly how to eat and exercise
  • Weight loss is your number one priority and you’re not willing to consider a weight neutral approach

“Coaching with Kim really helped me take the next steps when it comes to feeling confident and comfortable in my body.

As a fitness instructor myself, I knew that Kim would understand the pressure I felt to conform to the stereotype.

I had already waded into the shallow end of the anti-diet movement, but coaching with Kim gave me the tools to deal with negative thoughts and influences and set me on the road of being diet free and helping others to do the same.”

– Natalie T. (Listen to Natalie’s story on the podcast)

“I have a lot more confidence in my body

And I have more confidence and security in making choices that are right for me.

I’m more open to what I enjoy and I’ve released the belief that there’s something wrong with me just because I don’t “do exercise” like everyone else.”

– Kathy P., California (Listen to Kathy’s story on the podcast)

Your 1:1 Coaching Package includes:

  • Weekly 1:1 coaching, 50 minutes over Zoom for 24 weeks
  • Access to Voxer (a “walkie talkie” app where you can ask me questions between sessions)
  • Supplementary resources as needed: Video lessons, worksheets, movement practices

*note* there’s no “homework” with coaching.  I offer additional resources if it complements the work we’re doing but there’s no expectations or pressure to complete work outside of our time together.

1:1 Coaching is $4500 (plus applicable taxes) – flexible payment options available.

How it Works


Book a Discovery Call


Let's Get Curious


Become Unstoppable with your Body as your Ally


How much time does coaching require?

Our calls are 50 minutes long, each week for 24 weeks.  You may choose to devote some time daily or weekly to implementing what we work on.  If it’s helpful to you, I might send some videos and/or worksheets but only if you want them.  There’s no required “homework”, or expectations from me – it’s all about showing up for yourself.

I really want to lose weight? Will you help me with this?

You’re not alone in that desire!  Almost everyone I meet thinks that losing weight will help them feel healthier, happier and more confident.  And while I’ll never tell you what you should or shouldn’t do with your body, I’m here to help you explore how the belief that you need to change your body is affecting you.  I can’t make any promises about body changes, but what I can promise is that you’ll start making healthy choices consistently, that you’ll feel great IN and ABOUT your body no matter what the scale says. 

I have a lot going on, I’m not sure this is the right time for me.

I understand the hesitation.  There’s a lot to juggle in life, especially as a woman.  What I’ve noticed with my clients, and even myself, is there’s no perfect time.  Life will keep throwing things at you.  Investing in yourself takes knowing that nothing changes until you do and  deciding that you are worth it.  I would encourage you to ask yourself – where will I be in six months if I do nothing?  And where could I be in six months if I start?

I’ve tried so many things. How do I know this will work for me?

Of course you would wonder that!  I know that you’ve tried about a zillion plans and programs that have only left you even more confused, back where you started and feeling like a failure.  Lack of self-belief is the #1 reason I see women shy away from this work.  Let’s get on a call and talk about your hesitations.  I’ll coach you on your fears, and help you tune into your body compass, which will give you a taste of what this work is like, and you’ll feel empowered to make a quality decision without any pressure or sleazy sales tactics. 

I really want to do this, but I’m not sure I can afford it right now.

Coaching is a big investment, and I understand that it is not accessible to everyone.  That’s why I am committed to providing valuable free content through my podcast and social media channels.

At the same time, what’s often behind our money concerns is a fear that we’re not going to be successful, or fear of what people will think.

If you knew that you could not fail (because I won’t let you), what would that make available to you?  If you knew that you were worthy of having all this and more, what would you choose?

If you share your finances with a partner, I’d recommend talking to them before our call, sharing why this is important to you and asking for their support (rather than for permission).

Curious about what’s possible for you?

If you’re ready to stop fighting with your body,

Let’s get on call to explore how I can help.

“When I started working with Kim, I was experiencing high anxiety thoughts about myself and my body image. I had been through 2 years of extreme health challenges and couldn’t trust my body anymore. 

Kim led me through weekly sessions and I started to uncover what was behind the racing thoughts and feelings. 

As result of working together, I am more calm and confident. I am at peace with my body image and trust my body. I would highly recommend working with Kim as a coach.” – Kate S, North Carolina