Corn Chowder and Grilled Veggie Sandwiches

Corn Chowder and Grilled Veggie Sandwiches

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Cook Once, Eat Twice

Sweet Corn season is my favourite!  And because it’s only available for a few weeks each year, we always go a little crazy eating as much of it as we can while we can.

Now, I know that my family can’t eat a whole dozen corn, and I’d hate for any of that good stuff to go to waste, so this week on What’s for Dinner Wednesday, I created a recipe to use up the leftovers.

Do you plan for using up leftover ingredients when you do your weekly meal plan?  This is a great money and time saving hack, that I really try and keep in mind when I’m doing up my weekly menu.  Often times a recipe we plan to make only calls for a small amount of an ingredient, so when that happens, I make sure to include another meal that week that will use it up.  That way, I make full use of the food I purchased – no waste and less groceries needed overall!

I whipped up a super simple corn chowder (or corn soup as my daughter called it).  Corn, potatoes, carrots, coconut milk, broth and some spices – just dumped it all in the steamer and cooked it for 8 min.  Easy peasy!

We paired that with a grilled veggie sandwich.  I just took a few vegetables that we had on hand – portabello mushrooms, zuchhini, peppers and onions – seasoned and grilled them and put them on toast with avocado and hummus.

It was all delicious and super nutritious!

Our kids loved the soup, and gave the sandwiches a good try.  They did end up making their own sandwiches using deli meats and toppings of their choice, but they all tried at least one of the grilled vegetables, so that was a win.

Here’s the recipe for the chowder and sandwich – ENJOY!

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