Discover Joyful Movement

A 3 month
Virtual Personal Training Program focused on
Intuitive Movement and Exercise Mindset

Learn to Move Intuitively

Heal Your Exercise Mindset

Find Motivation that Lasts

Stuck on the Start-Stop Cycle?

  • Do you feel like you “should” exercise more but struggle to find the motivation?
  • Have you tried all the things, but always seem to run out of willpower before reaching your goal?
  • Does exercise feel like torture, that you force yourself to do because it’s “healthy”?
  • Do you look to your trainer or instructor to hold you accountable so you’ll stick to it?
  • Are you all or nothing with exercise?  All in and committed or totally off the rails? 
  • Are you jealous of your friends who seem to love exercise and never struggle with motivation or consistency?

Discover Joyful Movement is a 3 month virtual personal training program that helps women who hate exercise, learn to connect with their body through intuitive movement and mindset work.

We take a Health at Every Size, weight inclusive approach to create a program specific to your goals, abilities, injuries and limitations.

You'll learn sustainable, safe, functional movement while exploring the limiting beliefs that have been keeping you stuck.

Let's do this!

Discover Joyful Movement is a 3 month,  virtual personal training program that helps women get off the start-stop cycle with exercise.  Together, I’ll help you learn “what moves you” so you can feel motivated to exercise consistently because you want to, not because you have to.

This program is perfect for the woman who is brand new to exercise, or for those who want to break free from torturous, punitive, transactional exercise.  Sessions are held virtually using whatever equipment you have at home (even if that’s none).  We value inclusivity –  no matter your age, weight, ability level, health conditions or injuries  – we believe joyful movement is accessible for ALL bodies and we’ll teach you how to move YOUR body safely and sustainably.  

You’ll never hear “no pain no gain” – every movement we choose will feel good in your body and will be in alignment with your unique goals!  And you’ll never be weighed or measured.  In fact we won’t talk about weight at all.  We believe in chasing feelings, not numbers.

The program includes 2 one hour sessions a week for 13 weeks.  During each session we’ll spend about half the time moving – I’ll teach you ways to move YOUR body that will help you feel stronger, more mobile and improve your stamina.   The other half of each session will be spent doing mindset work – where I’ll help you transform the limiting beliefs that have been messing with your motivation and keeping you stuck.  

I get it, I've been there too

I've had a rocky relationship with exercise most of my life. As a child I was teased for being slow and clumsy so I avoided anything athletic. But then later, when dieting was my full time job, exercise became a powerful way for me to control my body.

Even though I felt strong and successful when I would workout, I still struggled with motivation and exercise always felt like a chore - something I HAD to do to earn or burn food. I thought that my struggles with motivation were my fault. That I wasn't disciplined enough or didn't have enough willpower. I stayed stuck in this all or nothing cycle...

...Until I learned the secret to motivation.

You don't need me to hold you accountable

Like most people I was looking at motivation all wrong.

I thought that if I just found the right program, or an activity I enjoyed, or a trainer who I connected with, or if I lost weight.... I'd feel motivated. But that's backwards.

We can't change how we feel by taking new action or trying new things. Our feelings come from our thoughts, so to create positive feelings about movement, I needed to rethink my whole exercise mindset.

Discover Joyful Movement

We've been taught that the only reason to exercise is to control or shrink our body, but when we can disconnect our movement goals from the appearance of our body, everything changes.

Joyful movement is all about figuring out what moves YOU! When we work together, we set feeling goals, and create a game you can win. We work on your mindset so exercise becomes "I get to" rather than "I have to".

I teach you how to listen to your body to create a consistent, enjoyable movement practice rooted in self care that helps you feel your very best while allowing your body to be what it is.

At the end of the day, consistency and feeling good in our body is what we're really after, isn't it?

Discover Joyful Movement

A 3 month virtual personal training program to help you heal your relationship with exercise through guided intuitive movement and mindset coaching

How Does it Work?

We put the personal back in personal training!

My role as personal trainer is to support you to become the boss of your body.  Together, we’ll work together to set goals unique to you.  I’ll help you to create your own movement toolkit so that by the end of our time together, you feel empowered with abundant options and have confidence to continue moving consistently on your own.

Approximately half of each session will be spent moving, and the other half will be spent doing the big mindset work that will completely transform your relationship with exercise – changing it from a dreaded thing on your to-do list, to the part of the day you look most forward to.

What's included?

  • 26 one hour personal training/coaching sessions.  2 sessions per week for 13 weeks
  • These sessions will include a goal setting session and a movement assessment, goal progress checks and of course – celebration of achievements!
  • 13 mini lessons based on the 10 principles of Joyful Movement with worksheets and journaling prompts
  • Personalized coaching tailored to your unique needs
  • Support and encouragement to help you tap into your intuition and  make body respecting choices
  • Movement recommendations and instruction that are tailored to your goals, abilities and limitations so you can build your own “movement toolkit”
  • No need to purchase equipment – we work with what you have!

How do I get started?

Simply click the link below to fill out an application!

Spaces are very limited for this program, so Kim will be in touch to let you know where you are on the wait list.  

Client Love

"Kim has been nothing but encouraging and supportive. I have felt my strength and endurance increase each session and even though I’m ZONKED sometimes, her motivation and ability to modify to my needs gets me through each session. As someone who has struggled with body image issues and dieting, her holistic non body shaming approach has made me feel comfortable and motivated in a healthy way."
Barbara Dunlop
I am so comfortable working with Kim. She listened to all of my concerns about previous injury and found ways to help me enjoy movement again. Kim offers a safe and judgment free space and her coaching is top notch. Stop waiting, start where you are, you’ll be so happy you did!
Stacey Armstrong

Ready to Discover Joyful Movement?

Don’t waste another day feeling down on yourself because you didn’t exercise.

Stop shoulding and comparing and get off that start-stop cycle for good! 

Joyful movement is possible and I’d love to show you how.

Tap into the power of your intuition, reconnect with your body, reset your exercise mindset and find that confidence and inner strength you crave. 

Let’s do this! Fill out an application today!

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