EP 12 – Challenge Yourself on Your Terms. Principle 10 of Joyful Movement.

EP 12 - Challenge Yourself on Your Terms. Principle 10 of Joyful Movement.

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Ep. 12 - How to Challenge Yourself of Your Terms (the 10th Principle of Joyful Movement


“Pushing yourself” has long been seen as the objective behind exercise.  But usually that comes from a place of wanting to fix ourselves – to burn more calories, to compete, to prove ourselves or in hopes that we’ll lose weight.  Having a negative mindset about exercise and pushing through is a sure fire way to kill all joy for movement.


However, when we participate in movement as a form of self care, and have a healthy, growth based mindset about movement, it can become a fun way to connect with your body to play and have fun.  


Once you discover movement that lights you up and makes you feel amazing, then you can start to challenge yourself on your terms, which is the 10th and final principle of joyful movement.  You can experiment with different things to see what you’re capable of but all from a place of body respect and curiosity  and growth rather than from a place of needing to prove or change ourselves.

What you’ll learn by listening:

  • How to assess your mindset about movement – are you trying to fix yourself or to grow?
  • Four different ways that you can challenge yourself on your terms
  • What it feels like to challenge yourself in a body respecting way
  • Why you NEVER have to do something you hate, even if your trainer tells you to


Mentioned in the show:  

Right Body for Me – 16 week transformative coaching program

The Motivation Secret – My Free guide to help you discover the desire to move and get off the start-stop cycle.



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