EP 13 – The Reason Your New Years Goals are Fizzling Out

EP 13 - The Reason Your New Years Goals are Fizzling Out

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Most people begin the New Year with fresh goals – a desire to grow, improve and become a better version of themselves. 


Usually around this time though, the motivation and resolve you had January first starts to fizzle.  We are either relying heavily on willpower at this point, or are feeling like a failure because the willpower has run out.


80% of New Years Goals are abandoned by February 1st, and 90% sometime after that.

Why is this??  It’s not because you failed.  It’s not because you weren’t strong enough or did something wrong.


It’s because the way that we have been taught to set goals is flawed.  We’ve been taught to chase outcomes and that when we achieve the outcome we’ll feel better – but that rarely happens.


On this episode, I’ll teach you the mistakes we make with goal setting the traditional way, and the mindset shift that is required to set goals that actually inspire you into action that WILL result in that feeling of success and pride that you are after.  


Tune in to rekindle your spark and breath new life into your goals for this year.

What you’ll learn by listening:

  • Why traditional SMART goals result in a 80-90% failure rate
  • How it is the system of goal setting itself that is flawed, not your resolve.
  • The mindset shift you can make today to make goal setting work for you
  • How chasing a feeling, not an outcome will inspire you into action and get you instant results


Mentioned in the show:  

Right Body for Me  – 16 week body-image coaching program

The Motivation Secret – my free guide to getting un-stuck with movement



Radiant Vitality Website

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