EP 3 – The 10 Principles of Joyful Movement Series #1- Reject Diet Mentality

EP 3 - The 10 Principles of Joyful Movement Series #1- Reject Diet Mentality

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Show Notes:


Title: EP 3 – The 10 Principles of Joyful Movement Series  #1- Reject Diet Mentality


Excerpt: Welcome to Episode 3 of the Joyful Movement Show.  Today begins our series exploring the 10 principles of joyful movement.  Principle #1 is all about rejecting the diet mentality.  Even though most women don’t identify as dieters, there is still a widespread belief that thin is better, healthier and the end goal of most people starting out on a fitness program.  The vast majority of women are unhappy with their body and view exercise as a way to change their shape.  Listen in while I explain how sneaky diet culture actually sets you up to fail and have a negative relationship with exercise.  While you might not be ready to give up the desire to lose weight just yet, this episode will teach you how to detach exercise from that desire so that you can enjoy the journey and have fun with exercise.


What you’ll learn by listening: What diet culture is and how its influence in the fitness industry keeps us stuck on the start-stop cycle, torturing ourselves or avoiding exercise all together.

Understand the concept of Health at Every Size

How to break free of diet culture and set goals that will keep you motivated and consistent with exercise. 


Mentioned in the show:  

Radiant Vitality Website

Health at Every Size by Dr. Lindo Bacon



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