EP 4 – The 10 Principles of Joyful Movement Series – #2 Embracing Embodiment

EP 4 - The 10 Principles of Joyful Movement Series - #2 Embracing Embodiment

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Traditional exercise and weight loss programs target only our physical body – using restriction and punishment to try to shrink the body in order to fit into the societal ideal.  We are actually made up of four bodies – the physical body, the mental body, the spiritual body and the emotional body.  Punitive exercise not only does not honour the other three bodies, it actually violates them, causing us further distress and dissatisfaction with ourselves. 

You can’t create a body you love through punishment. 

Most women (91%) have spent their life hating and trying to change their physical body.  The shame we feel about our physical body causes us to disconnect from it and to exercise only as a way to shrink our body.  

In this week’s episode we explore all the parts of us that make us whole, and how honouring each body through joyful movement is key to having a good relationship with exercise and a step towards body acceptance


What you’ll learn by listening: 

Learn about the 4 bodies that make us whole.  Identify ways that you have disconnected from your body because of diet culture.  Explore ways to re-connect to the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental bodies through respectful movement that honours the whole self.  Understand how the concept of body neutrality can bridge the gap from body hatred and body love.


Mentioned in the show:  (links, articles, studies)

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