EP 6 – The 10 Principles of Joyful Movement Series. #4 – Challenge the Gym Police

EP 6 - The 10 Principles of Joyful Movement Series. #4 - Challenge the Gym Police

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The gym police are the loud, obnoxious voices in our head that scream at you all the fitness rules of how you “should” be exercising if you want to do it right. They are awesome at highlighting everything that you’re doing wrong, and make you feel terrible about yourself which keeps you from doing anything.  


Gym police are just thoughts. Negative thoughts about our inadequacies and how we don’t measure up.  The thing is most of the negative thoughts shouted by the gym police actually aren’t true – The comparisons you’re making to others and the rules you’re buying into about how exercise needs to look – often they’re not even accurate or true.  The result of listening to the gym police is more shame and continuing to stay stuck.


In this episode we learn how to recognize the gym police and their hidden agenda to take you down.  We’ll learn strategies to stand up to them so you can get out from under their thumb and into freedom.  


What you’ll learn by listening:

  • Discover that most of the fitness “rules” are just arbitrary and there’s no one size fits all approach to fitness.
  •  Learn how to challenge the rules to create a game you can win.
  • Understand how comparison is keeping you stuck feeling inadequate and shrinking away from your own greatness.
  • Learn how your thoughts are creating the results, or lack thereof, that you’re experiencing.
  • Begin the process of changing your thoughts so that you can create the relationship with exercise that you desire.  

Mentioned in the show:  (links, articles, studies)

Radiant Vitality Website

The Motivation Secret

Right Body for Me – 16 week transformative coaching program



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