EP 7 – Respect Your Limitations. Principle 5 of Joyful Movement

EP 7 - Respect Your Limitations. Principle 5 of Joyful Movement

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For the majority of the people in this world, getting motivated to exercise or even beginning to exercise is difficult. But then there are a few of us who actually do the opposite of this… We exercise too much – we go too hard, too often. 

While moving your body and being physically active every day (or most days) is great, like everything else in life, too much of a good thing is actually a bad thing. 

It can be really hard to know where that line is sometimes – between good movement, wanting to challenge ourselves and progress – and going too far.

Respecting your limitations means meeting yourself where you are at progressing toward your goal in a safe, body respecting way.  It means knowing what you are capable of, what injuries or mobility constraints you have, and having a clear vision of where you want to go with your fitness and why, and then taking appropriate action to get there.


What you’ll learn by listening:

  • The principles of progressive overload and rest/recovery and how they apply to making gains while avoiding overtraining or injury
  • How to know that you’re exercising in a safe ways
  • The warning signs of overtraining
  • The concept of body respect and how to meet yourself where you’re at in your movement practice.

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