EP 8 – Stop Relying on External Validation

EP 8 - Stop Relying on External Validation

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:Ep 8 – Stop Relying on External Validation. Principle 6 of Embracing Joyful Movement


On this week’s episode, we’re talking about the 6th principle of joyful movement which is to stop relying on external validation.  By that I mean fitness trackers, apps and even the scale to tell you that you are doing it “right” in terms of exercise. 


About 20% of people in north america wear a fitness tracker, but it’s interesting to note that about ⅓ of people who own one will stop wearing it within 6 months and almost half will stop within a year.   Which leads me to question – why? 


It seems that a lot of women struggle in their relationship with a wearable tracker.  In one study that looked at 200 women with a Fitbit tracker, 79% felt pressured to reach their daily targets, while 59% reported that they felt their daily routines to be controlled by Fitbit. 


Feeling pressure to perform, keep up or compete-  these lead to negative feelings about movement  – like anxiety, or not being good enough.  Whenever we feel negativity towards movement, it’s really hard to feel motivated.


Listen to discover how your fitness tracker could be killing your motivation or causing you to have an unhealthy relationship with exercise, and how practicing attunement can help you re-discover joyful movement.


What you’ll learn by listening:

  • How apps, trackers and the scale are interfering with your joy for movement
  • The benefits and limitations of using external tracking devices.
  • How to tell if you’ve got a healthy relationship with your fitness tracker
  • How to identify your body’s own cues through the process of attunement so that you don’t have to rely on external validation.  

Mentioned in the show: 

This is MY Year – FREE Goal Setting Webinar; Jan 6th, 2021

Radiant Vitality Website

The Motivation Secret

Right Body for Me – 16 week transformative coaching program





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