EP 11 – The Runner’s High – it’s not just for runners. Principle 9 of Joyful Movement

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 Ep 11 - The Runner’s High - it’s not just for runners. Principle 9 of Joyful Movement


Have you ever looked at a runner and wondered why on earth they would want to do that?  Any runner will tell you that once you’ve experienced the runner’s high, you’re hooked for life.  


The runner’s high is a chemical reaction that results in a feeling of euphoria, increased focus and mental clarity, decreased anxiety and ability to feel pain.  It’s experienced after a more intense burst of activity which causes endorphins to be released that activate pleasure centers in our brain and cause a very similar response to taking opioid drugs or cannabis (in an entirely natural and safe way) – and it’s not just for runners.  


This feeling can occur as a result of any type of activity and in this episode I’ll show you how to cultivate that feeling of extreme pleasure and bubbling over JOY of movement.

What you’ll learn by listening:

  • Why some people seem to love exercise while others find it torturous
  • What the people who love exercise know that others don’t
  • How to switch your mindset so that you can start feeling pleasure through movement.  


Mentioned in the show:  

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