Find Food Freedom

An Online Course to Help You Ditch Restrictive Eating
and Regain Body Trust through Intuitive Eating

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just eat NORMALLY, instead of constantly stressing about your food choices?

So many women WANT to eat well, but find themselves feeling like a failure because they cannot stick to their well-set plans. 

Despite their good intentions they find themselves binging on forbidden foods as soon as life happens and falling into a shame spiral only to have to start all over again (with even more rules) the next Monday

The problem is the harder you try to control food, the less in control you feel.  There’s a really good reason for this – it’s your miraculous biology at work! 

Our brain does not like to feel restricted, and it responds the only way it knows how when it senses food is scarce – to get as much as it can, while it can.


I broke free of the restrict/binge cycle by learning about Intuitive Eating and I want this for you too.

Which is exactly why I created the Find Food Freedom Course. 

You deserve to feel healthy and confident in your skin without having to try every new diet or “lifestyle” under the sun.

You deserve to enjoy food and to eat without fear or guilt and shame!


Make Peace with Food


Trust Your Body


Health at Every Size


Transform your Thoughts

“Finally, some freedom! Freedom from dieting. Freedom from feeling like I ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ be doing something.

Working with Kim has brought me clarity around my beliefs about my body. I’ve been on and off diets for my entire adult life.  I’ve forced myself to do physical activity I hated because I thought I should or I was told to.

I’m only part way through Kim’s coaching program and I can already feel the freedom of not being on a diet or having food restrictions, choosing movement I enjoy. The aha moments I’m experiencing along the way are incredible!”

– Stacey A, Goderich ON (Listen to Stacey’s story on the podcast!)

“Years of dieting and unhealthy relationships with food and exercise has left me feeling trapped with low body image. I decided that I wanted to change, not only for myself but for my children.

I want to model a healthy relationship to food, exercise and my body. 

Working with Kim has helped me immensely. The program is set up to first work on the thoughts that fuel the unhealthy core beliefs. This was pivotal for me as it’s nothing I have ever learned or tried in the past through programs or counseling.

Creating new thoughts allows you to better work through challenges around unhealthy relationships with food, body image and exercise. Kim was there every step of the way.” – Robyn M, Bayfield ON (Listen to Robyn’s story on the podcast!)

Find Food Freedom is an online course that will help you ditch diets for good.

Inside you’ll learn to apply the 10 principles of Intuitive Eating, an evidence based approach to eating and health, that will help you reconnect to your own signals of hunger, fullness AND satisfaction to help you feel and function your best without rules and restriction.

This program is perfect for the woman who just wants to eat normally instead of by the rules.

Let’s face it – dieting is confusing and exhausting. They say that by the age of 45, most women have tried over 60 diets (or “lifestyles”). If there was one right way to eat, we’d all be doing it!

While this isn’t a weight loss program, you will learn tools to feel healthy, energized and nourished in your NOW body.

We take a Health at Every Size approach, meaning we believe that all bodies are good bodies and one does not need to conform to an arbitrary ideal in order to improve their health. In fact, ditching dieting could be the healthiest choice you ever make – studies show that Intuitive Eating reduces disordered eating habits and weight cycling.

Here’s What’s Possible After Find Food Freedom:


    Get off the cycle of restriction and “out of control” eating so you can stop starting over every Monday.


    Make peace with all foods and rebuild body trust so that you don’t feel controlled or “tempted” by food.


    Learn how to tune into your body’s innate signals to tell you what to eat, how much and when 


    Chase health and wellbeing without using the bathroom scale to measure your “success”


    Change your mindset about food, health, weight and YOURSELF so you can make empowered choices that serve you

    Here’s what you’ll get:

    • Instant access to our online learning platform with lifetime access to the course materials
    • 12 learning modules based on the 10 principles of Intuitive Eating
    • Audio and video lessons, workbooks and action tasks to help you integrate your learning
    • Journaling prompts to encourage you to explore and transform your thoughts about food, your body and health because true transformation happens in the mind.

    Curious about what’s possible for you?

    If you’re ready to stop fighting with your body,

    Let’s get on call to explore how I can help 1:1.

    “When I started working with Kim, I was experiencing high anxiety thoughts about myself and my body image. I had been through 2 years of extreme health challenges and couldn’t trust my body anymore. 

    Kim led me through weekly sessions and I started to uncover what was behind the racing thoughts and feelings. 

    As result of working together, I am more calm and confident. I am at peace with my body image and trust my body. I would highly recommend working with Kim as a coach.” – Kate S, North Carolina