How to Feel Great
Your Body

No Matter What the Scale Says

A free 5 day video training that will teach you simple sustainable habits and mindset shifts so you can feel your very best without rules, deprivation or willpower

Most women begin an exercise or eating program because they want to feel and function their very best. 
And that’s great!  

But sticking to a program - that’s hard!

I see you.  I know you want to feel healthy, vibrant and confident.

But, you also want to be able to eat normally without rules; without tracking and measuring everything that goes in your mouth.  

You want to move your body, but you don’t want to have to kill yourself at the gym. 

You want to feel good about yourself, but you don’t want it to be so freaking HARD!

I get you!  I felt this way too and so have all of my clients.  

You haven’t done anything wrong.  You haven’t failed.  AND you can have all of these feelings you desire, without the stress, deprivation and willpower needed to stay on another plan.

I’ll teach you how in this free 5 day training.

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Hey There, I'm Kim Hagle.

Certified personal trainer, nutritionist and body image coach – on a mission to help women find food freedom, joyful movement and confidence in their own skin.

After a decade in the fitness industry, I know first hand how draining it can be to ride the cycle of “on and off plan” over and over again.  I’ve tried every program out there, and am very familiar with the feelings of shame and failure that come when you  run out of willpower and revert to old habits.

Eventually I learned it wasn’t ME who failed.  It was the programs themselves, I was focused on the wrong things.

I was measuring success on the bathroom scale, assuming that weight loss was the pathway to feeling healthy, happy and confident…. But it wasn’t.

When I learned to focus on what I could control – my thoughts and habits, everything changed!

By taking the focus off my appearance and instead on to how I felt, I was able to get off the cycle of “on plan/off plan” FOR GOOD.  

That’s what I now teach my clients, and what I’d love to teach you inside this free 5 day training.

Inside you’ll learn how to:

  • get motivated to exercise
  • stop cravings and binge eating
  • set health goals beyond the scale
  • eat normally without rules or a plan
  • accept your body  – find that confidence – even if you don’t love how you look.
"I’ve been on and off diets for my entire adult life. I’ve forced myself to do physical activity I hated because I thought I should or I was told to. Now, I love the freedom of not being on a diet or having food restrictions, choosing movement I enjoy, and learning more about me and my beliefs. "
Stacey A
"As a fitness instructor, I felt pressured to conform to the so called "ideal" and look the part. While I had already waded into the shallow end of the anti-diet movement, coaching really helped me take the next steps when it comes to feeling confident and comfortable in my body."
Natalie T
"I had a lot of anxiety about exercise and I always felt misunderstood. You've moved me to move without even talking about exercise. Through working on my mindset, I now feel confident to move again in ways that feel good for me."
Zara B

Free 5 Day Training

How to feel great
in and about
your body

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'Years of dieting and unhealthy relationships with food and exercise has left me feeling trapped with low body image. I decided that I wanted to change, not only for myself but for my children. I want to model a healthy relationship to food, exercise and my body. Now, I feel excited and more confident in who I am and the choices I am making."
Robyn M