Group Fitness Classes in Goderich, Ontario

Find your groove in our inclusive group fitness classes.

Kim has been a certified personal trainer for over 10 years.  As a weight neutral and size inclusive fitness trainer, she values a welcoming, inclusive fitness environment where everyone is encouraged to listen to their body and choose movement that feels good.

In her classes, you’ll be offered a safe, effective and well rounded workout.  You’ll never hear any “sculpt this/burn that” -the only times we talk about bodies are in reference to form, function  and how an exercise should feel.   In our judgement free fitness space, you’ll be encouraged to connect to your deeper why, and how movement helps you feel and function your best.

Kim is committed to having fitness options for everyone, no matter their history with exercise or fitness level.

We offer a variety of class types and times to suit your preferences and schedule.

Pricing: Single class $20, 4 class pack (good for month of purchase) $60, or unlimited monthly pass $100.  All prices subject to HST.

Classes are held live, in person at our private studio located at 44 East Street, Goderich ON

Class size is limited to 16 people.

Join any time

(prorated monthly rates available!)