EP 15 – How to Love Yourself if You Don’t Love Your Body

EP 15 - How to Love Yourself if You Don't Love Your Body

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How to Love Yourself if You Don't Love Your Body


Why is it so hard to love ourselves?

Well it could be because we are listening to two very conflicting messages about how to reach a place of self acceptance.

On one hand we have diet culture telling us that the only way to be healthy, happy, confident is to be thin.  And only when we achieve this, are we worthy of our own love and acceptance.

But on the other hand, is the body positivity movement telling us that we should love and accept our cellulite, muffin top and acne.

The leap from one belief system to the other is far too great for those of us who have spent our life believing that we need to shrink and control our body.  To instantly give this up and flick the switch into loving the parts we have hated on for so many years is just not possible.

But the good news is there is a middle ground.  It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.  There’s a neutral space between hating your body and loving it. Body neutrality focuses on appreciating your body for what it enables you to do, rather than  focusing on how it looks.  It means seeing your body as a vessel through which you get to experience life, rather than an object that needs to look pretty.  

When we embrace body neutrality, we can engage in respectful, loving actions towards ourself even if we don’t fully love or accept our body as it is.  


What you’ll learn by listening:

  • How diet culture tries to convince you that thinness is the answer to finally accepting your body, and why achieving thinness does not result in body love
  • Why you struggle to love your body even if you’ve realized that dieting doesn’t work.  
  • What is body neutrality and how to embrace it.
  • How to enter into a respectful relationship with your body regardless of whether you accept it as is.
  • The importance of defining your worth outside of your appearance.


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