EP 18 – Finding Your Joy by Connecting to Your Inner Child

EP 18 - Finding Your Joy by Connecting to Your Inner Child

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Finding Your Joy by Connecting to Your Inner Child with Ruth Montgomery


Working alongside women to help them discover joyful movement is my passion.  But for some women, it can be really hard to even identify what WOULD be joyful for them.  Depending on our perspective or history with exercise/sport – there aren’t always joyful memories associated with movement.

However, when we were children, joy was our natural state.  We did the things we loved without abandon,judgment and without worry about whether it was good or bad or what people would think.  As we grow, we start to internalize societal expectations or the things that are happening around us.  We start to conform to who we think we are supposed to be and little by little we lose touch with who we are. 

In this episode, my guest Ruth Montgomery shares some practical tips about how we can start to reconnect with that part of ourselves – that pure part of us that just is and chases joy naturally.

We also talked about energy and how it is felt as moods or physical sensations in the body and how we can adjust our mood through movement and other self-care practices that raise our vibration.  Ruth shared some insight about the importance of processing our feelings as unprocessed emotions can get stuck in our body.

About our Guest:

Ruth Montgomery is the Founder and CEO of The Maven Project. She is a Reiki Practitioner, an Energy & Empowerment Coach, the Podcast Host of The Ruth Montgomery Show, and the creator of Camp Maven. She believes that we are all mavens, and through connecting to our inner child we can find our passion. Ruth works with clients to guide them on their spiritual journey, introducing them to the magic within, and to empower them to make their dreams a reality!

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