EP22 – Ditching the “Good Girl Syndrome” with Stephanie Dodier

by | Mar 29, 2021

Ditching the “Good Girl Syndrome” with Stephanie Dodier


Our guest today, Stephanie Dodier is a non-diet, intuitive eating expert who helps women to go “beyond the food” to get to their root of their struggles with body image.

On this episode, Stephanie and I had an in depth conversation about what she calls the “Good Girl Syndrome” – specifically how we are socialized as women to think, look and act a certain way.

Tune in as  Stephanie teaches us how the good girl syndrome, operates to keep women small, and preoccupied with their bodies, trying to fit in, and out of the life they dream of.

You’ll learn the roots of this system of injustice and gain insight into how the good girl syndrome shows up in your life.

Dismantling our beliefs about who we are as women is key to discovering food and body freedom, and when we do this mindset work, it opens doors in every area of our life, which is why Stephanie’s work is called “going beyond the food”.

This is a really empowering episode, and will help you see that your struggles aren’t your fault.  Listen in to learn how you’ve been set up to struggle and how you can break free once and for all.

What you’ll learn by listening:

  • What the “good girl syndrome” is and how it operates to keep women out of their power
  • How the good girl syndrome impacts how you relate to food and your body
  • How to identify the red flags that the good girl syndrome is present in your life
  • What happens when you say hell no to being a good girl

About our Guest:

Stephanie Dodier is a Clinical Nutritionist, an Intuitive Eating Expert, and the host of The Beyond the Food Show whose integrative and comprehensive approach helps womxn take their lives back from diet culture. Her proprietary and countercultural approach, the Going Beyond The Food Method™️, has helped womxn in over 92 countries seek health beyond dieting. Stephanie was trained at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Canada and has a degree in Health Science.

Mentioned in the show:  

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