EP 23 – What if I need to lose weight…. for health?

EP 23 - What if I need to lose weight.... for health?

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What if I Need to Lose Weight... For Health?


What do you do if you understand the concept of body neutrality and are at peace with your larger body, but still feel like you need to lose weight for your health?  This is a common question amongst the people I work with.


Many women will say, they “felt better” when they were smaller.  So even though they want to embrace intuitive eating and a more relaxed approach to fitness, they still feel they must restrict food and work hard in order to achieve or maintain their “healthiest” weight. 


Tune into this episode as we unpack the real reason you felt better in a smaller body.  We’ll explore why “moderation” seems so elusive and why you feel out of control whenever you deviate from your plan. 


Creating that feeling of stamina and vitality you had in a smaller body IS possible in whatever body you have today.  Listen to explore the mindset shifts required to feel your best in your now body and how to discover what YOUR healthiest weight is.


What you’ll learn by listening:

  • Why you felt better in a smaller body
  • Why we give up on our “healthy lifestyle” even though we’re feeling better
  • The reason you go off the rails when you loosen the restriction just a little bit
  • The mindset trap that keeps you stuck in all or nothing behaviour; why moderation seems out of reach
  • How you can feel just as good in the body you have today
  • How to determine what the healthiest weight is for you.


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Mentioned in the show:  

Embrace Your Radiance- Non-Diet Health Summit:  Free online event April 5-16, 2021.

Right Body for Me – 16 week transformative coaching program

The Motivation Secret – FREE guide to help you get unstuck with movement.

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