EP 24 – All or Nothing: The Motivation Killer

EP 24 - All or Nothing: The Motivation Killer

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All or Nothing: the Motivation Killer


All or Nothing thinking abounds in the fitness industry.  Effective but erroneous marketing leads us to believe that we must workout hard for an hour 5 days a week or there’s no point; that we must sweat and be sore or we did it wrong; that we must lift the weights, do the cardio, and we must do it fast, heavy and with intensity…. Otherwise we’ll never get healthy.

I’ve met countless women who feel so stuck because they believe they have to do it all and do it perfectly, and when they can’t achieve or sustain the idea, then anything less seems like failure and they give up. 

It’s not a very motivating feeling.

Our guest today is a participant in my Right Body for Me program, who has been able to transform her all or nothing thinking into creating a game she could win.  She’s discovered joyful movement and feels motivated to chase health on her ters.  

Listen in to hear how she made this transition and got un-stuck.

If you are feeling stuck and lacking motivation, I invite you to attend my upcoming webinar “Motivation that Moves ME: Reset Your Exercise Mindset”.  It’s happening on Saturday, April 17, 2020 at 10 am EST inside Embrace Your Radiance (online non-diet health summit).  Grab a free pass here.

If you missed it, the replay is on my website here.

What you’ll learn by listening:

  • Why we struggle with all or nothing thinking in terms of movement
  • How all or nothing keeps us stuck, and how that affects our sense of self
  • The mindset shift that is needed to move out of all or nothing
  • How creating a game you can win sets you up to chase health on your terms.

Mentioned in the show:  

Embrace Your Radiance- Non-Diet Health Summit:  Free online event April 5-16, 2021.

Right Body for Me – 16 week transformative coaching program

The Motivation Secret – FREE guide to help you get unstuck with movement.

Resources for Non-Diet Professionals



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