EP 26 – The Problem with Fitspo Photos

EP 26 - The Problem with Fitspo Photos

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The Problem with Fitspo Photos

If you follow any fitness influencers or trainers on instagram, then I venture to guess your feed is littered with pictures of women working out in sports bras and bike shorts, posing in their bikinis,  flexing six packs and bubble butts.  Or  you’re seeing all kinds of “inspiring success stories” highlighting people’s weight loss journey – maybe you’ve even taken such photos or been a “before and after” case at one point yourself.

Today we’re talking about “fitspiration” photos or before-and-after pictures because it’s my belief that these kinds of images are not only NOT inspiring but are actually killing your motivation to move and perpetuating a negative body image.  In my opinion they are the most toxic byproduct of the fitness industry, and I don’t say that lightly.  

This type of imagery might seem inspiring, but tune in to explore how it could be  contributing to a sense of false hope and shame.  Rooted in comparison, pictures like these make you believe that this perfect, fit, thin ideal is realistic, achievable and maintainable for any woman.  When in reality only about 3% of the population actually has the genetic makeup to look this way without extremely restrictive behaviours.  

We tend to think that being our BEST SELF means being in our BEST shape.  Tune in as we challenge this belief and expose how fitness culture is set up to make you hate your body – and how you can begin to separate your health and your worth from your appearance.  

What you’ll learn by listening:

  • The three BIG problems with “fitspiration” imagery
  • What you’re not seeing behind the photo
  • How comparing yourself to someone’s “after” photo is damaging to the self-image of both you and them
  • The dangers of complimenting weight loss
  • How being in your “best shape” isn’t the same as being your best self
  • How to begin the work of disconnecting your worth from your physique.  

Studies Referenced:
“Exercise to be Fit, not Skinny; the Effect of Fitspiration Imagery on Women’s Body Image”:  Tiggemann and Zicardo, Body Image, 2015, Sept.  https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/26176993/

Mentioned in the show:  

Right Body for Me – 16 week transformative coaching program

The Motivation Secret – FREE guide to help you get unstuck with movement.


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