EP 27 – What if there’s NO Joy in ANY Movement?

EP 27 - What if there's NO Joy in ANY Movement?

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What if there's NO Joy in ANY Movement?

For some, joyful movement can feel out of reach.  Our history with sports, fitness, gyms and dieting can greatly influence our relationship with movement and our motivation to exercise.

I’ll often hear from people “I don’t even know where to start.  I can’t think of one type of movement I’d enjoy”.  Often at the root of this concern is a belief that the purpose of movement is to lose or control our weight. 

That was the experience of our guest on today’s show.  Kathy never identified as an “athletic type” and therefore didn’t feel comfortable in a gym, doing traditional fitness type activities.  She assumed that there was no movement she’d enjoy because she associated movement with “working out” and assumed that anything else was not good enough.

Tune in to hear how Kathy got to the root of her struggles with movement and how it wasn’t really about the exercise itself.  

What you’ll learn by listening:

  • How fitness culture’s focus on aesthetics is negatively affecting your motivation to move
  • What’s really at the root of your motivation struggles
  • Why trying a new program isn’t the answer
  • How to feel better in and about your body without forcing yourself to do exercise you hate


Mentioned in the show:  

Right Body for Me – 16 week transformative coaching program

The Motivation Secret – FREE guide to help you get unstuck with movement.

Resources for Non-Diet Professionals



Radiant Vitality Website

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