EP 29 – Is Burnout Affecting Your Motivation to Move? with Dr. Kate Hazlitt

by | May 17, 2021

EP 29 – Is Burnout Affecting Your Motivation to Move?

Burnout – the general feeling of depletion or complete exhaustion is the inevitable result of overextending ourselves.  With the global stress that is currently being experienced, many people are finding their bandwidth being consumed by new and increasing roles and responsibilities, alongside a multitude of significant stressors.

In my fitness practice, I’m seeing the effects of burnout on people’s motivation and desire to move.  I’m noticing a common theme of women struggling to keep up with all the new pressures and then judging themselves as “bad” because they’ve strayed from their usual exercise or eating habits.

As May is Mental Health awareness month, it’s a perfect time to shine some light on this syndrome of burnout.

I’m joined on this episode by Dr. Kate Hazlitt, ND who shares all about what burnout is, how it shows up in our life and how it’s really a sign of a core belief about yourself.

Dr. Kate highlighted why it’s so important to have compassion and grace for yourself, rather than judging and trying to prove ourselves by “doing all the things”.

Tune in to learn how you can move through burnout by tapping into what’s already inside you.

What you’ll learn by listening:

  • What burnout is, how it shows up and how it hijacks our body and mind
  • How our mindset and outlook on life can lead us into a burnt out state
  • The root issue behind the desire to “do all the things”
  • What tends to result when we try to “push through” periods of low energy
  • How movement can help you process stress and begin to see your thoughts and emotions with clarity
  • The three things that help to protect against burnout
  • How you can begin to cultivate a new, self-compassionate mindset that is more resilient to burnout.

About our Guest:

Dr. Kate Hazlitt, ND is on a  mission to help women learn to take care of themselves.  The secret agenda is that when women learn this –  how to regulate their nervous systems and can cultivate the  inner resources to access joy and fulfillment, it will create a ripple effect for our world, for our children and all the future generations. Kate has a degree in Psychology, is a Naturopathic Doctor with 15 years experience, and a Compassionate Inquiry practitioner.

Mentioned in the show:  

Dr. Kate’s website https://goodearthcentre.com/kate-hazlitt-nd/

Dr. Kate’s Instagram: @drkatehazlittnd

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