EP 31- Measuring Success The Intuitive Way with Kasey Shuler

EP 31- Measuring Success The Intuitive Way with Kasey Shuler

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EP 31 - How to Measure Success the Intuitive Way with Kasey Shuler

Traditionally, in the fitness industry, progress and success are measured  through external metrics like body weight, body fat percentage, body part measurements or fitness metrics such as heart rate, one rep max or running speed.  

But are these really accurate measures of “success”, or simply  data points at a given point in time?  And how does focusing on such metrics affect our relationship with movement and ourselves?

Motivation and consistency are the most common barriers for people when it comes to movement and current research indicates that the traditional model of focusing purely on body shape and composition is a cause. Therefore the traditional measurements of success which are centered around these things are a detriment to motivation and consistency.

 In order to discover joyful, consistent movement, we need to redefine success.  Rather than chasing extrinsic metrics, we need to identify what matters to us. Intuitive movement, and focusing on how we want to FEEL in our body is the gateway to feeling intrinsically motivated to move.  

Our guest on the show today, Kasey Shuler is a personal trainer who specializes in intuitive movement.   After seeing how external metrics were affecting her clients exercise adherence she changed her practice to empower her clients to chase feelings not numbers.  As a result, she now offers a continuing education course for personal trainers to help them adopt an intuitive approach as well.


What you’ll learn by listening:

  • How focusing on external metrics affects your motivation
  • How to set goals independent of weight or body composition
  • Ways to measure success or progress without relying on external metrics
  • How to tap into your intuition and move in a way that is joyful


About our Guest:

Kasey Shuler is the author of Move for Joy and several Bible studies, including The Lord’s Prayer: A 12-Week Journal, Rest and Rise, and Love Beyond Looks. Working with clients as an ACSM personal trainer and Revelation Wellness fitness instructor, Kasey’s mission is to help go-getters walk by faith with prayer, Scripture, and joyful movement. She lives with her husband and two daughters in Athens, Georgia, and would love to connect with you at kaseybshuler.com or on Instagram @kaseybshuler. 


Mentioned in the show:  

Kasey’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kaseybshuler/

“What kind of exerciser are you?” quiz: www.kaseybshuler.com/quiz 

“Intuitive Movement: Returning to Natural Body Cues” Course for Personal Trainers: https://www.fitfixnow.com/

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