EP 36 – Managing the “I’m Not Good Enough” Voice- with Vanessa Preston

by | Jul 5, 2021

EP 36 – Managing the “I’m Not Good Enough Voice” with Vanessa Preston

Feeling more confident is the number one goal people have when beginning a fitness program (besides losing weight).  Everyone wants to FEEL better in and about their body, and it is their hope and belief that exercising and changing their body will result in this feeling of confidence.

The unfortunate reality is that weight loss doesn’t truly change how we view ourselves; the fleeting new found confidence we might experience feels inauthentic because we know it’s conditional upon our appearance.  Not to mention, it very quickly turns into even deeper body shame when we inevitably regain the weight.

Our guest on the show today has a really interesting point of view on this topic and what’s behind that “I’m not good enough voice.  Vanessa Preston is a trauma and shame expert.  As a therapist she has observed over her years in clinical practice the ways in which trauma and the accompanying negative feelings influence body image and relationship to food and movement.

Tune in to learn how the events we experience shape our self worth and how we often resort to dieting or exercise as a means to try to quiet the voice in our head that tells us we’re not good enough.  Vanessa shares the true secret to confidence, and feeling better in one’s body – self compassion.

About our Guest:

Vanessa Preston is a Mental Health Social Worker and Psychotherapist and has over 14 years experience providing therapy and assessment services in both the United States and Australia. She has worked in non-profit, residential, school, hospital and private practice settings.  Vanessa provides support around a range of mental health issues with expertise in working with clients who have experienced Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and complex trauma. Vanessa has developed an interest in working with women on their relationship with food and their body image and is the creator of the Body and Food Freedom Project, a 16 week online women’s group. She is interested in the intersection of shame, trauma and body/food issues.



Mentioned in the show:

How to Manage the “Not Good Enough” Voice – Vanessa’s Free resource: https://greenlifepsychology.com/

The Body and Food Freedom Podcast – launching July 20 on all podcast platforms.

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