EP 71 – Do You Make FUN a Priority?

by | Apr 11, 2022

EP 71 – Do You Make FUN a Priority?

How much fun are you allowing in your life?

So many folks resist fun because we have a core belief that things need to be hard to be worthwhile.

When it comes to our relationship with movement, the fitness industry perpetuates this belief with sayings like “go big or go home”, “no pain, no gain”, “if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

But the reality is – joy can’t exist when we’re fixated on hard.

However we can look for fun amidst the challenge and in doing so we can experience more joy in movement.

What you’ll learn by listening:

  1. How the belief that “exercise has to be hard” influences your motivation
  2. The ways in which our core beliefs show up in every area of our life
  3. Journal prompts to get you thinking about how you can allow more fun and ease in your movement practice and life in general.

About the Host—Kim Hagle is a certified Personal Trainer, Body Image Coach, mom of four and founder of Radiant Vitality Wellness. Through mindset coaching and intuitive movement and eating, Kim helps women go beyond the desire to lose weight so they can feel healthy and confident in their now body.

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