EP 96 – Overcoming Body Shame and Creating the Life You WANT – Kandace’s Story

by | Nov 21, 2022

EP 96 – Overcoming Body Shame and Creating the Life You WANT – Kandace’s Story

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In this episode we’re joined by Kandace, a recent graduate from my 1:1 coaching program, Right Body For Me.

Kandace shares her story of body shame, where she was consumed with constant, intrusive thoughts that her body was wrong, which caused her to feel disconnected from her family, angry, isolated and hopeless.

Intellectually, she knew that she was loved and loveable, but struggled to believe it because all she could see were her “faults”.

During the interview, you’ll hear how Kandace was able to re-write the narrative in her brain and begin to see herself the way that other see her, to love herself and accept the love that was all around her.

As a result, she not only reached a place of body acceptance, but is intentionally working to create the life she desires, knowing that she is worthy.

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Right Body For Me is my 1:1 6 month coaching program for women who struggle with their relationship with food and exercise and body image.  It’s for women who know that dieting doesn’t work, but feel stuck figuring out how to eat and move without following a plan, or don’t know how they can accept their body without pursuing weight loss.

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