No Motivation to Work Out?

Unlock the Motivation Secret!

The mindset shift that will get you off the start-stop cycle for good!

Does this sound familiar?

  • You purchase a new program, piece of equipment or join a new gym
  • You set goals for yourself, schedule your workouts, jump in full of excitement and ready to go, give er hell for a couple weeks (maybe a month)
  • But then the motivation starts to dwindle
  • It becomes harder to gear yourself up to workout. You need to talk yourself into it.
  • Sometimes you bribe yourself – “if you just do it, then you can have a glass of wine later”
  • You start skipping workouts; making excuses to your workout buddies or your coach
  • You feel tired and drained so you determine you need more “rest days”, but then you get behind and feel like you’re starting from scratch
  • Sure enough, the next workout is harder because you’ve regressed.
  • Now it’s even harder to motivate yourself to do the thing, because you know it’s going to hurt.
  • So you skip more and more days, until eventually you are completely at a stand still.
  • You feel like a failure, you’ve let yourself down. You find your journal with your goals written down, rip the page out and throw it in the trash, drowning your shame with a big glass of wine and a bowl of chips.
  • Before long you feel guilty for being so lazy, and hate yourself for gaining weight, but you feel no desire to exercise on your own, so you begin the search for yet another program.

Friend, I want you to know right now that you are not alone, and you are NOT a failure! There’s a reason why so many of us repeat this cycle, and I’m here to help you break it!

I hear this same story all the time from women who turn to me hoping that I’ll finally give them the program that will work.  Or that maybe I’ll be able to help them figure out the key to finding the motivation to stick to something. 

They know it must exist because they all have friends who workout every day, are consistent with their healthy eating, and never seem to struggle with willpower or motivation.

What do they know that you don’t??

Discover the deep desire within in this
What's inside?

Lacking motivation is the most common barrier to a consistent exercise routine. I'll teach you the reason why it is fleeting and it has NOTHING to do with you or your lack of willpower.

It's not your Fault!

I'll give you simple strategies that you can use TODAY to change your relationship with exercise, so that you'll actually WANT to work out without needing a trainer to hold you accountable

Tools you can use!

I'll expose the sneaky culprit that is KILLING your motivation. Once you understand this, you'll be able to set goals that work FOR you so that you can get off the start/stop cycle for good!

Backed by Behavioural Science

As a personal trainer and nutritionist, the #1 thing I hear from women EVERY DAY is “I just can’t seem to stay motivated to stick to my goals”.

Let me show you where 99% of fitness programs, trainers and gyms go wrong, and how you can find motivation to make exercise an enjoyable part of your life forever!

Hey there,
I'm Kim

I’m a Certified Personal Trainer, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and professionally trained Non-Diet Health Coach specializing in Intuitive Eating and Movement.

As a recovering dieter myself, I’ve made it my mission to help women heal their relationship to food and exercise so they can accept the body they’re in.

I work with women who are ready to ditch diets, extreme exercise programs and chasing thinness. I help you get to the root cause behind your struggles with body image and weight loss, so that you feel confident in your own skin. I teach you to eat and move in ways that make you feel energized, satisfied and healthy.

Jump off the Start-Stop roller coaster once and for all.

Discover the secret to joyful movement and how to cultivate that deep desire within so that you can finally stay consistent with exercise.

You CAN have fun with exercise!
You CAN develop that burning desire within you.
Learn the simple mindset shift that motivated people naturally know.


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