Got an "on again, off again" relationship with exercise?

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.  I know the fitspo influencers have you believing that you have to do it all, do it right, do it hard, do it every day and do it until you want to die…

But… believing these stories could be the exact thing that is keeping you stuck.  

What would it be like to ditch the “no pain no gain” for joyful movement?

I bet it would be a lot more motivating!

What moves YOU?

I'm Kim Hagle, Personal Trainer and Registered Holistic Nutritionist.
Like you, I spent years torturing myself with hardcore workouts trying to achieve what I thought was the "perfect" way to exercise and the "perfect" weight for health. It left me exhausted, injured and with zero motivation - never mind JOYFUL movement (I didn't even know that was an option!).
Eventually I just couldn't sustain it any more. I knew this level of perfection was unattainable for me, but then I felt stuck, because anything less felt not good enough, or not worth it. So I went from "all" to "nothing".
Neither one felt good. I knew there had to be a middle ground. So I set to work to figure out how to find motivation, and what I learned turned everything I knew on it's head.

Motivation doesn't just happen,
it has to be cultivated

I’ve compiled everything I learned about motivation into one value packed master class.

Grab the replay and accompanying workbook to learn:

  • The reasons you struggle with motivation.
  • How all or nothing thinking is keeping you stuck on the “start-stop cycle”.
  • The 6 common thought mistakes that most people make which destroy your relationship to movement.
  • The science behind how motivation works and how to make it work FOR YOU.
  • The mindset shift you can make instantly to get you out of all or nothing into  consistent, JOYFUL movement. 

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You’ll receive my “Motivation that Moves Me” masterclass with a full colour workbook to help you dig deep into the material to get real results.

No more on again, off again.

No more “no pain, no gain”

No more all or nothing.

Just consistent, steady progress and movement that makes you feel your very best!

"When movement is fun, and is approached as a way to connect with and care for yourself, motivation is a no-brainer"

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