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Empowered Movement

Find your groove in this weight inclusive, Health at Every Size aligned, supportive environment. Gain confidence and joy for movement by exercising YOUR way.

In my studio, you’ll never hear words like “burn, tone, chisel, shape”.  You’ll never be weighed or measured.

We don’t use fear to motivate.  “No pain no gain” has no place in our studio.  Rather, you’ll be encouraged to tune in to your own body’s needs and have full permission to rest or to push yourself, because you’re the boss of your body!

Group Fitness Classes - Virtual and In-Studio Options

Sign up for the best class for you! Perfect for those who have some exercise experience and like working out with a group. We offer in-studio  or  virtual classes (zoom) .  

Personal Training - In Person or Over Zoom

Movement that is designed with YOU in mind. No two people are created equal – your fitness program should be as unique as you are.
I will get to know you deeply to understand what type of movement you are looking for to reach your goals.  I’ll create a program that allows you to move safely and effectively regardless of your size, ability level or injuries.
My mission is to help women ENJOY movement, and EMBRACE the body they are in.

If you’re brand new to exercise or looking to improve your relationship with movement, please check out Discover Joyful Movement – my 3 month movement and mindset personal training program.

Small Group Training - In Person or Over Zoom

Personal training but with your friends! Available for groups of 2-4, with similar abilities.

All Classes and Personal Training Sessions
currently happening virtually, due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Cost $10 per live class or 

$90 for 6 weeks, which includes all class recordings (watch at any time).

Yoga Fusion

6 week virtual session (Zoom)
Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:30 am - 7:15 am EST.
April 12- May 21, 2021

Yoga Fusion combines Yoga, Cardio and Strength Training into one fun and unique class designed to boost your heart rate, strength, energy and flexibility.

In yoga fusion we flow through various yoga poses while incorporating weights and HIIT intervals. You’ll reap the flexibility, balance and relaxation benefits of yoga, while also improving strength and cardiovascular conditioning.
Abundant options make this class accessible to beginners and advanced athletes alike.

Equipment required: Yoga mat or towel; light hand weights (3 and 5 lbs) or full water bottles if you don’t have weights.

No running experience required to participate, but you should be able to walk 30 minutes comfortably without stopping and be free of injury, joint issues or cardiovascular medical conditions.

Equipment required: good running shoes, comfortable clothing.
Cost: $170
Bonus: Register for Learn to Run and get 6 weeks of Yoga Fusion for ½ price ($45)

Learn To Run

12 week beginner running program April 12 - June 28

Wondering if the runner’s high is really a thing? It is!
And with another lockdown in full force -we could all use a little stress release and some fresh air, couldn’t we?

Learn to Run is perfect for those who have always wanted to try running but don’t know where to start, or who fear injury. I’ll teach you how to meet yourself where you’re at and to listen to your body to build endurance, speed and confidence safely. Everyone in the group will progress at their own rate, but by the end of the 12 weeks you’ll be able to run (or run/walk) for minimum 30 minutes.

Registration includes
-A progressive training plan, reviewed each week based on your own progress and feedback
-One live weekly group coaching call each week to go over successes and challenges
-Instruction and coaching on form, shoe selection, stretching, breathing, etc.
-Access to a private facebook support community, and text message support from Kim

Covid-19 Service Update

Personal Training

Currently available in studio or via Zoom using whatever equipment you have (even if that's none). Movement that is designed with YOU in mind. No two people are created equal - your fitness program should be as unique as you are. I will get to know you deeply to understand what type of movement you are looking for to reach your goals.
Pkg of 10 sessions for $630

Small Group Private Classes

Currently available in person or over Zoom.
Work out with Friends!
Same as Personal training, with 2-4 similar ability participants.
You come up with your group, I'll come up with the workout!
10 sessions for $750, split between the members

Gentle Tabata

In person at the studio.
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9-9:30 am. 30 minutes of low impact strength training and cardio intervals.
Focus on mobility, balance and core strength, while working all the large muscle group as well.Perfect for those with injuries or new to fitness - this is a gentle paced, easily modified class.
$10/class or $100 for a month's pass.

Ready to experience
Joyful Movement?

Discover the motivation within by embracing what MOVES YOU!  

At Radiant Vitality, you’re the boss of your body and you don’t have to do anything that hurts or you don’t like.  In this judgement free zone, you’ll find abundant options so that you can make the most respectful choice for yourself in each moment.

Step into your radiant vitality, reconnect to your body and empower your wellness!

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I’m happy to answer any questions you have.  Simply click the Contact button below to ask me any question you have.   

Your first group fitness class is free, so that’s a great way to try it out and see if you like it.  But more importantly, I encourage you to book a free consultation before we begin so that I can get to know you and really understand your goals.  Then I’ll be able to direct you to the best program for you. We will also go over any injuries or limitations you have and I will show you modifications to movements that will allow you to get a great workout, pain free.

Sure!  Just let me know so that I can ensure there is space in the class.  Their first group fitness class is free, and then after that, they can pay the drop in rate or buy a class package.

I encourage you to take my Ease Into Exercise program.  It’s a 4 week program (twice a week) designed for people just like you who are brand new to the group fitness scene.  You’ll get personal training attention at a group fitness price tag. Contact me to see when the next session starts.

Radiant Vitality is a body positive space – we love you no matter how much space you take up on the planet.  We teach and support a lifestyle of self compassion that encourages each body to find its own ideal weight. For some that might mean releasing some mass; but its really about learning to love the body you are in.  You’ll never be weighed or measured in our studio. No one is going to check your food diary. And no one is ever going to comment on your size. That’s just how we are. We give you the tools to treat your body right and we don’t give two hoots about what you weigh. 

If you are buying a monthly class membership, we process those at the start of each month (prorated if you start your first month part way through).  If you are doing drop in classes, you can pay cash at each class, or you’ll be invoiced after. Once you have bought your pass, you can register for the classes you wish to attend by contacting Kim.  It is important to pre-register for classes so we can prepare and ensure we do not exceed our 7 person capacity.

1. If you have paid for a monthly class membership, missed classes are forfeited.  No refunds are given.  If you plan to be away from several classes, you can choose to pay “by the class” instead of monthly for that particular month.

2. Personal training appointments can be rescheduled 24 hours or more in advance.  No shows, or less than 24 hours notice will result in being charged for one full session. There are NO REFUNDS on packages for any reason (ie 10 session pack of PT,  or monthly unlimited class membership).  

2. If the INSTRUCTOR cancels a class or PT session for illness, weather or other emergency; you will be credited a session to be used in the next 30 days.  During vacation closures, monthly pricing will be adjusted based on the number of weeks the studio remains open.

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