103 – How to Love What You Wear (at any size) with Liz Thoegerson

by | Jul 26, 2023

Show Notes

Ever felt like you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear? You’re not alone!

In this chat with Liz Thogerson, a super cool image consultant, we dive into how personal style can be a game-changer.

Liz is all about body neutrality and self-love, and she’s got a knack for helping women find their unique style groove.

This episode is packed with handy tips on how to handle wardrobe changes, declutter your closet without the drama, and actually have fun shopping.

Liz believes in celebrating you just as you are and using style as a way to show the world who you are.

So, if you’re tired of the same old wardrobe woes or find shopping a chore, Liz’s insights might just be the style shake-up you need!

Be sure to listen to the end, as we wrapped up the conversation by coaching Liz live on her relationship with exercise.

About our Guest:

Liz Thogerson of My Style Biology Method helps women discover and ignite their innate style traits through personal color, body architecture, and style archetype analyses. She then uses your Style Biology to build a personalized wardrobe that is defined, versatile, and 100% you. In her four years in the styling industry, she’s helped hundreds of bold women transform their appearance by celebrating the way they were made, shopping consciously, and taking risks in the ways they show up in their world.

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About the Host

Kim Hagle (she/her)  is Certified Personal Trainer, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Body Image Coach and founder of Radiant Vitality Wellness.

Through mindset and movement coaching she helps women heal their relationship with food and exercise while disconnecting their worth from their weight, so they can feel healthy, happy and confident in the body they have.

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Disclaimer.  The information contained in this podcast is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice.  Always consult a health care professional about your unique needs.


Welcome to another insightful recap of the Power In Motion podcast. In this episode, we had the pleasure of interviewing Liz Thogerson, an image consultant and creator of the My Style Biology Method. Liz’s unique approach to personal style and body neutrality offers a refreshing perspective on dressing oneself.

Embracing Personal Style with Liz Thogerson

Liz Thogerson has made a significant impact in the styling industry over the past four years. Her innovative My Style Biology Method helps women discover and ignite their innate style traits. Through personal color, body architecture, and style archetype analysis, Liz builds personalized wardrobes that are defined, versatile, and a hundred percent you.

The Power in Motion Podcast, Episode 103. How to Love What You Wear (at any size) with Liz Thoegerson

The Intersection of Style and Body Neutrality

One of the most intriguing aspects of Liz’s approach is her body-neutral standpoint. She believes in celebrating the way individuals are made, transforming appearances by embracing personal style and body acceptance. Liz’s journey of releasing herself from diet culture and discovering her own style biology was transformative, leading her to center her business around body neutrality and radical self-love.

Navigating Body Changes and Wardrobe Choices

Body changes are a natural part of life, and Liz provides practical strategies to navigate these changes. She emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and accepting these changes, and the necessity of purchasing new clothing to accommodate them. Liz likens body changes to moving to a new climate – just as you would need new clothes for a different climate, you need new clothes for a changing body.

  • Acknowledge Changes: Accept that your body is changing and that it’s a natural part of life.
  • Invest in New Clothes: Don’t be afraid to purchase new clothes that fit your current body shape and size.
  • Adapt Your Wardrobe: Just as you would adapt your wardrobe to a new climate, adapt it to your changing body.

The Emotional Journey of Letting Go

Letting go of clothes that no longer fit can be an emotional process. Liz encourages individuals to visualize the joy these items could bring to someone else. She also highlights the importance of making more informed choices going forward, consuming less, and choosing more sustainable options.

  • Visualize the Joy: Imagine the happiness your old clothes could bring to someone else.
  • Make Informed Choices: Be more mindful of your purchases in the future. Choose quality over quantity.
  • Choose Sustainability: Opt for sustainable clothing options whenever possible.

Making Shopping a Joyful Experience

Shopping can be a daunting task, especially when your body has changed. Liz suggests preparing your mind before shopping and viewing it as an opportunity to connect with your body. She also recommends having a clear idea of what you’re looking for and being open to experimentation.

  • Prepare Your Mind: Approach shopping with a positive mindset. See it as a chance to explore and express your style.
  • Know What You Want: Have a clear idea of what you’re looking for before you start shopping.
  • Be Open to Experimentation: Don’t be afraid to try new styles and step out of your comfort zone.

In conclusion, Liz Thoegerson’s approach to personal style is a breath of fresh air. Her emphasis on body neutrality and self-love, coupled with practical advice on navigating body changes and shopping, provides a refreshing perspective on the emotional journey of dressing oneself. Tune in to the Power In Motion podcast for more insightful conversations like this one.