112- The 3 Step Process to Befriend Your Body and Transform Self Acceptance

by | Oct 18, 2023

Show Notes

Welcome to part 4 of our 5 part series about how to Befriend Your Body.

In this episode, we explore the 3 step process to move from body shame and self criticism to self acceptance and complete confidence.

Using a real life example, Kim highlights how the path to acceptance has little to do with the scale but a lot with how we view and speak to ourselves.

Tune in to learn how you can get to the root of your struggles with food, exercise and body so that you can experience true, lasting transformation that extends into every area of your life.

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About the Host

Kim Hagle (she/her)  is Certified Personal Trainer, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Body Image Coach and founder of Radiant Vitality Wellness. 

Through mindset and movement coaching she helps women heal their relationship with food and exercise while disconnecting their worth from their weight, so they can feel healthy, happy and confident in the body they have.  

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Disclaimer.  The information contained in this podcast is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice.  Always consult a health care professional about your unique needs.



Welcome back, dear friends, to the fourth installment of our enlightening five-part series on befriending your body. In this transformative journey, we have explored the profound significance of nurturing a relationship with yourself that is rooted in kindness, respect, and compassion. Today, we delve deep into the pivotal question: How can you shift from feeling uncomfortable and ashamed of your body to fully accepting yourself, regardless of what you see in the mirror? We will guide you through a three-step process that can lead you to a place of self-acceptance and self-respect, even if you’ve been plagued by negative self-perceptions.

Recap of Our Journey So Far

Before we embark on this enlightening journey, let’s take a moment to recap what we’ve explored in our previous episodes. In Episode 108, we defined what it means to befriend your body and provided practical insights into treating yourself with kindness and respect. This includes nurturing your body with the nourishing food it craves, moving in ways that bring joy, wearing clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident, silencing self-criticism, and ditching the need to apologize or make excuses for your body.

In Episode 109, we discussed the remarkable transformations that can occur when you embark on this journey. We shared real-life stories from individuals who, after embracing self-acceptance, witnessed positive changes rippling through various aspects of their lives. From improved relationships and greater confidence to a newfound sense of authenticity and trust in their journey to health, these individuals discovered possibilities they never believed existed.

In Episode 110, we introduced you to Debbie, one of our real-life clients, who shared her incredible journey towards embracing her body. Debbie’s story illustrates the liberating power of transforming your relationship with your body and how it can lead to experiences you may have thought were impossible.

Understanding the Process

Now, let’s focus on the core of our discussion: the process of shifting from self-doubt to self-acceptance. We’ll explore a recent conversation with a new client who was grappling with her body image and self-worth. This client’s journey serves as an excellent example of how deeper issues underlie struggles with body image and how a three-step process can lead to transformation.

  1. Asking Deeper Questions

The first step in this transformational process is to ask profound and probing questions. It’s crucial to understand the root causes of your struggles. Many people believe their self-perceptions are solely related to their bodies, but often, deeper beliefs and societal conditioning play a significant role.

The questions should aim at uncovering the “why” behind your behavior and feelings. For example, we asked our client, “What would change if you could trust yourself to eat nourishing foods, move for joy, and accept your body as it is?” This question revealed her desire for a more present and fulfilling life.

We then delved deeper by asking, “What stops you from doing what you desire?” Her response highlighted the fear of judgment from others, which led to a profound realization: she felt she was “too much” and unworthy of self-approval.

Finally, we asked, “What’s the cost of maintaining the status quo?” This question helped our client compare the price of conformity to societal expectations with the cost of choosing self-happiness.

  1. Attunement and Authorization

The second step in this process involves attuning to your inner compass and authorizing yourself to change your beliefs. Our bodies constantly communicate with us through feelings and sensations. For our client, acknowledging her body’s response to different beliefs was illuminating. When she thought, “I’m too much,” her body felt constricted and heavy. In contrast, thinking about self-approval and self-worth brought lightness and expansion.

The authorization part is about giving yourself permission to embrace beliefs that serve your well-being. You own your thoughts and have the power to decide what you believe. This process often unfolds gradually, as you release old beliefs and adopt new ones.

  1. Taking Aligned Action

The final step is taking aligned action. When you’ve uncovered the beliefs that support your self-acceptance and self-respect, you naturally begin to make choices that align with these beliefs. Eating becomes nourishing, exercise becomes joyful, and your self-expression becomes authentic.

For our client, this meant practicing self-approval and making choices that aligned with her newfound belief in being “exactly enough.” These actions might include asserting her desires, trying new experiences, or stepping out without makeup to challenge societal norms.

The Power of Support

While it’s entirely possible to navigate this journey on your own, seeking support can accelerate your progress. A coach can guide you through the process, asking questions you might overlook and providing a safe space to confront fears and insecurities. The transformation often unfolds more smoothly with an experienced partner by your side.


In closing, your journey to befriending your body and embracing self-acceptance is a powerful and transformative process. By asking deeper questions, attuning to your inner compass, authorizing new beliefs, and taking aligned action, you can make lasting changes in your life. The power to redefine your relationship with your body and your self-worth lies within you.

Remember, your appearance is not a prerequisite for love, pleasure, or happiness. Embrace self-acceptance and kindness, and you’ll discover a world of possibilities you never thought possible. Your unique journey is waiting to unfold – will you take the first step?

If you’re ready to embark on this journey, book a consultation call with us, and let’s begin asking the deeper questions together. Whether or not you choose to continue with coaching, you’ll leave with newfound clarity and a path to transform your life. We look forward to walking this path with you.

Thank you for joining us in this episode of our series on befriending your body. Stay tuned for our final installment where we wrap up this inspiring journey. Until then, be kind to yourself and trust the power of self-acceptance.