Radiant People – Jenn

by | Jan 12, 2021

Can you relate to Jenn’s story?

“Working in the social services field, I have been fortunate to support others through their tough times.

It was not until I started working with Kim that she helped me notice that I was always giving and not looking after myself.

I have always struggled with my looks and confidence; sure, we all have times when they are on point and we can fake it until we make it.

It was important for me to give off the appearance of “having it all together”.

When I was not able to keep that appearance, I began to hide. I would use food and alcohol to numb and validate my unworthiness. I would question all my actions and bury myself in work or being by myself.

Right Body for Me has helped break down that thoughts are just sentences, understand my thoughts and patterns and how to make adjustments so that I can find myself worthy without my appearance and weight being the focus.

I am a work in progress as we all are and there is so much more to us than just our body.”

Jenn is a high achieving, professional in the social services field and she gives SO much to the community and the people she works with.

When we first started working together, Jenn was struggling because her usual weight loss strategies were no longer working. She was frustrated, discouraged and embarrassed – and this was showing up as a really mean inner voice, hiding from social situations, numbing behaviours and avoiding self care because she did not feel worthy in her current body.

Jenn joined “Right Body for Me“, my 16 week body acceptance coaching program, and as she’s been willing to dig deep into her limiting beliefs about herself, her body image and diet culture’s influence – she’s been able to see her worth outside of her appearance. She’s begun making choices that are in her highest good because without being attached to an outcome.

Jenn now operates from a place of body respect and self compassion and chooses what’s kind for her and her body, and as a result she’s got a new found confidence and is discovering what brings her joy – it has been amazing to witness! You can read her whole story on my blog.

This is EXACTLY why I do what I do!!

I see the spark in my clients – all the talent, passion and radiance that is hiding underneath the insecurities about your body.

And you don’t need to shrink your body for that to shine! I help my clients let all that insecurity go, so they can experience peace with food, joy in movement and confidence in their NOW body.

Early bird enrollment is open for Right Body for Meclick here to learn more or to book your discovery call (note – I only offer this program 3 times a year to 10 women each time).

I would love to support you in re-writing your story!