Radiant People – Stacey

by | Sep 18, 2020

I’d like you all to meet this fierce femme!

I have had the best time working with this woman for the last 10 weeks.  She’s hilarious and quick witted; she swears like a sailor, but she’s always dressed like a lady (I mean check out those leopard tights).

Stacey is also one of the most optimistic, dedicated people I’ve ever met.  She walked into the studio for her second session in an air cast, determined not to cancel but to learn how to move despite her limitation.  She masters her thoughts like a boss, always committed to living her best life.

This woman has stepped into her Radiant Vitality, and nothing is going to stop her now.

Here’s what Stacey had to say about her experience:

“I have never loved exercise… but over the years I have tried different things because I thought I ‘should’. I started off this year actually wanting to be more active, and was doing things I enjoyed, but it all came to an abrupt stop when I injured my back in February. I spent three weeks in bed, unable to sit, and barely able to stand. The weeks went on, and while I was moving around better, I was never without the fear that one wrong move would bring all that pain back.
I signed up for Personal Training because I knew my body needed to build up strength again, and I was too scared to do it alone. I signed up with Kim because I liked her story and she was recommended by a trusted friend. My goal was to learn how to move without injury, while getting stronger, and maybe even finding some joy in it too.

Because it’s 2020 and anything goes, my second week into training I severely sprained my foot (don’t walk your dog in flip-flops), but when I showed up with an air cast on Kim found ways for me to work around it.
In the past ten weeks I have noticed my strength building and the fear fading. Working with Kim has taught me how to trust my body again while reminding me how capable it can be. Moving forward, I now have the confidence to join her group classes, and even though I won’t be able to do everything yet, she’s provided me with the tools I need to modify moves for me.
I am so glad that I reached out to Kim when I did, and am thankful for everything she has taught me. I look forward to our session every week and seeing how far I’ve come!”

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