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We have several free resources and self-paced courses to get you started.  Check them out and learn more below

Have you tried ALL THE THINGS to get healthy, but nothing works long term?

You can feel and function your best without rules, restriction, counting/tracking or killing yourself at the gym.

I’ll show you how inside this guide. 

Motivation doesn’t just happen – it has to be cultivated.  But it’s simple to do if you know the motivation secret!

Grab this free guide to learn why you find yourself stuck on the stop start cycle and how you can find that consistency and joy for movement you desire.

Download this FREE Video to learn the 5 Essential Movements that will help you strengthen your WHOLE CORE (shoulders, back, hips and deep abdominals).

Suitable for all fitness levels, inside this video I’ll show you the basics to get started building your core strength.

How to Feel Great IN and ABOUT Your Body

…No Matter What the Scale Says

Free Mini Course

A free 5 day mini-course that will teach you simple, sustainable habits and mindset shifts so you can feel healthy, energetic and confident without rules, deprivation or willpower

Inside this 5 Day Video Training You’ll Learn How to:

  • Get motivated to exercise, so you can stop relying on willpower and rewards
  • Stop cravings and binge eating while still enjoying the foods you love
  • Set health goals that matter to you and create simple habits that are easy to maintain
  • Eat normally without rules or a plan, and trust that you know what’s best for your body
  • Accept your body  and feel crazy confident – even if you don’t love how you look

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  • Links to extra resources to go deeper if you wish.

Find Food Freedom

A self-directed online course

Ditch Restrictive Eating
and Regain Body Trust through Intuitive Eating

Inside this 5 Day Video Training You’ll Learn How to:

  • Get off the cycle of restriction and “out of control” eating so you can stop starting over every Monday.
  • Make peace with all foods and rebuild body trust so that you don’t feel controlled or “tempted” by food.
  • Learn how to tune into your body’s innate signals to tell you what to eat, how much and when 
  • Chase health and wellbeing without using the bathroom scale to measure your “success”
  • Change your mindset about food, health, weight and YOURSELF so you can make empowered choices that serve you

For $247, you’ll receive:

  • Instant access to our online learning platform with lifetime access to the course materials
  • 12 learning modules based on the 10 principles of Intuitive Eating
  • Audio and video lessons, workbooks and action tasks to help you integrate your learning
  • Journaling prompts to encourage you to explore and transform your thoughts about food, your body and health because true transformation happens in the mind.

Curious about what’s possible for you?

If you think that you need more individualized support, book a call to chat about 1:1 coaching

“When I started working with Kim, I was experiencing high anxiety thoughts about myself and my body image. I had been through 2 years of extreme health challenges and couldn’t trust my body anymore.

As result of working together, I am more calm and confident. I am at peace with my body image and trust my body. I would highly recommend working with Kim as a coach.” – Kate S, North Carolina