Right Body
For ME

A 4 Month Transformative Coaching Program

To Redefine Body Acceptance and Self-Worth

Overcome Your 
Limiting Beliefs 

Transform Your Relationship with Exercise and Food

Feel Confident
In Your Skin

Feeling Stuck?

  • Are you struggling to find a fitness or eating program that actually works?
  • Do you crave being able to walk into a store and confidently try on clothes that fit and make you feel beautiful and sexy?
  • Are you worried that you’ll never be able to figure out how to accept your body or feel good in your own skin?
  • Do you wonder if the only way you can really receive love, worthiness and acceptance is if you get your body  “under control”?
  • Have you ever thought if you could just lose those 20 pounds all your problems will be solved?

Right Body for Me is a transformative coaching program that helps women, just like you, heal their body image and relationship with movement and food.


Right Body For Me

Right Body for Me is a transformative coaching program that helps women, just like you, heal their body image and  relationship with movement and food. Learn how to overcome the limiting beliefs that are keeping you unhappy, stuck and  unfulfilled and discover how your thoughts are directly linked to your self-worth. 

This program will help you find peace with food, discover that movement is an act of self-care (not punishment) and leave you feeling stronger, healthier and more confident in your body. Freedom around food, movement and your body is possible, I’ll show you how. Let’s do this together!

I get it. I've been there too.

Yo-yo dieting, shakes, challenges, extreme workout plans, cleanses - I’ve tried them all.

I know how it feels to think that if you could just lose those 20 lbs, everything in your life would be better. Maybe you’d go after that job you dream of; maybe you and your partner would get along better; maybe if you were thinner, you’d have more energy, feel stronger and sleep better.

It’s pretty easy to think that being thin is the answer when all we hear is that thinness is the indicator of ideal health. That's Diet Culture talking, by the way.

Your weight is not the problem.

I’m here to tell you, thinness isn’t the answer.

I’ve been every size from 2-14 and I can assure you that I wasn’t happier, nor was I healthier at a smaller size. Confidence and self-acceptance weren't found when I lost weight. I discovered my worth when I dug deep into my mindset and limiting beliefs.

Your worth is found within, and has nothing to do with your size. Feelings of confidence, strength, vitality - those start with your thoughts.

Right Body For Me

I know I'm not the only one who's had these struggles.

There are thousands of women around the world and right here in my own backyard, who are struggling to find acceptance of their own bodies. We want to feel confident, we want to feel free, we want to have the energy, strength and drive to go after our dreams and do the big things we are called to, to make the world a better place. But we can't do all of that AND be obsessed with diet culture. It just won't work.

I created Right Body for Me - a 16-week transformational coaching program for women just like you. Right Body for Me will help you overcome your limiting beliefs, transform your relationship with food and exercise and feel confident in your own skin.

It's time for women to release their beliefs about diet culture and show up confident and worthy in the world and Right Body For Me is the way to get there. I’d love for you to join us!

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Right Body For Me

A 4 Month Transformative Coaching Program to Redefine Body Acceptance and Self-Worth and revolutionize your relationship with movement and food. 

How does it work?

Right Body for Me is based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and is structured around 4 pillars. 

Month 1:  Mindset
In the first month, the learning objective is to get to the root of why we struggle and feel stuck.  We learn how body image and relationship to exercise and food is a product of our thoughts. You’ll learn a powerful tool that will help you transform not just your body image and relationship to food and movement but any undesired result in your life.

Month 2: Joyful Movement
In the second month, the learning switches gears to examine how diet culture has influenced our motivation and desire to exercise – keeping us on the start-stop cycle.  We learn to redefine what moves us and to create a game we can win.  You’ll begin to view movement as an act of self care  that you look forward to rather than punishment, or a “have to”.

Month 3: Body Image
In this month, you will learn about our four bodies – mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. We’ll learn about Health at Every Size and how to chase health without focusing on the scale. You’ll move from body shame into body neutrality and begin to reestablish your worth beyond your body.

Month 4: Intuitive Eating
In the last month of the program we will dive into the concepts of intuitive eating and discover ways of integrating these tools into our lives. Now that you have developed body trust and neutrality, you are ready to tap into your body’s innate wisdom to seek health, and re-engage with food in a whole new way.

What's Included?

  • Biweekly One-One Coaching Sessions with Kim
  • Biweekly Group Coaching Call and Q & A Session
  • Self-assessments, handouts, journaling prompts and resources to support your transformation and integration 
  • Access to recordings of all group meetings and individual sessions
  • Online support forum
  • Text message access to Kim between sessions 

How do I get started?

The next session of Right Body for Me begins October 2021. Space limited to 10 participants and application and discovery call are required to secure your spot in the course.

Love for "Right Body for Me"

“I have a lot more confidence in my body. And I have more confidence and security in making choices that are right for me. I’m more open to what I enjoy and I’ve released the belief that there’s something wrong with me just because I don’t “do exercise” like everyone else”.
Kathy P
I am 7 weeks into Radiant Vitality’s Right Body for Me program and am benefiting more than I imagined from Kim’s coaching. When we want a different result in our life we tend to put all of our focus into the desired outcome but in the long run the goals I have had just don’t stick. Who knew focusing on the outcome isn’t what motivates us! I’m embarking on a new way of thinking and coaching myself and finally at 40 years old I feel more myself than I ever have. I’m looking forward to continuing on my journey and most importantly feeling whole mentally and physically.
Anne-Marie Thomson

How It Works

1. Book a Free
Discovery Call

Before we dive into this deep work together, let’s take a bit of time to discover if we are a good fit for working together. Grab a coffee and let’s jump on a call and get to know each other. I’ll tell you more about the program, so you have all the information you need to decide if this is a good fit for you.

2. Enroll in Right
Body for Me

Commit to your own transformational journey and learn how to address the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck. Get off the diet treadmill and learn powerful intuitive movement and intuitive eating tools so you can end the struggle with motivation, willpower and consistency, once and for all.

3. Experience Confidence Like Never Before

Embody confidence, strength, worthiness, happiness and freedom in a whole new way! Experience life feeling confident, beautiful and sexy in your own skin and have the energy to go after your dreams and show up in the world in your full power.

Don’t waste another day stuck in obsessive thoughts about food and exercise. Stop spending hours on Pinterest or scrolling through Instagram trying to find the next diet or fad for you. Freedom is possible and Right Body for Me will show you how. Uncover the root causes of your relationships with food and exercise, explore concepts of health at any size, intuitive eating and discovered tools to create goals that actually work for you. Embody confidence, health, strength and peace around your relationship with your body, movement and food.
Let’s do this! Book a free Discovery call today!