The Simple Mindset Shift to Help You Stop Hating Your Body

by | Oct 1, 2020

This one little tool can change EVERYTHING!

It’s not Positive Affirmations.  Great in theory, but they just don’t work in this situation.
And it’s not willpower, either.   Losing weight won’t help you accept your body.
The answer is a simple mindset shift that we can all do. Let me explain.

The problems we have with our body, have NOTHING to do with our size and EVERYTHING to do with our thoughts.

It’s 100% in our head.

I don’t say that to be dismissive; stick with me, because I can actually show you how to harness the power of your thoughts to turn this situation around.

If hating your body were actually able to be fixed by losing weight, then all thin people would love their body (we know this isn’t true – some of you reading this might be thin and hate your body.  I still hated mine when I lost 50 lbs!).

Conversely, if having a large body automatically meant that you would hate your body, then all larger bodied women should have body image issues.  We know logically that this isn’t true either (if you need proof – follow #bodypositivity on instagram and you’ll find lots of strong, confident, happy women rocking their curvy shape).

So if it’s not our size that determines our self-worth, then it MUST be our thoughts.

 And this is good news, because we are 100% in control of our mind.  It’s SUPER hard to control our body, but controlling the mind is totally doable.  You just need the right tools.

Why not Positive Affirmations or Positive Thinking?

 Going from a place of hating your body to “I love my body”; “My body is beautiful”; “My body is perfect” – it’s too far of a stretch.  For most of us, it’s going to feel like a lie and for some it could be quite triggering.

What’s the solution?  Gratitude.

Gratitude brings us to a place of appreciation and neutrality about our body.  It takes us out of hate, and bridges the gap to complete love and acceptance that we’re just not ready for.


As an example:  I have always hated my belly.  A comment made when I was 12 years old led to years of trying to fix my belly through diet and weight loss.  It never worked; even at my lowest weight I HATED this part of me.  I still don’t love it; I don’t know if I ever will.  BUT, I appreciate it.  My belly has grown four beautiful children and I’m thankful for that.  I can look at my belly in the mirror without hating it, and I’ve stopped tugging at my shirt to cover it up as a result.

What might change for you if you stopped trying to fix your body, and instead were grateful for it?